It's all about the visuals!!!!!

Last Update: November 30, 2014

When I go on to most sites, it feels like I'm reading a book (just all text) I'm not saying it's anything wrong with that but I want the reader to really feel engaged about my content. Anything you want to stand out you'd highlight but with the technology of today, devices are getting smaller and smaller lol and more expensive so I've decided to go with brighter colors and a larger font size. Who says reading information had to be in black and white? Go against the grain and research all different kinds of ways you make reading more easy on the eye and fun. Do a google search on "Typography" and text with shapes to see what I mean. Check out my website and tell me what you think in the replies. cheers.

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BobBarr Premium
I really like the look of your site. It's got some "pop" to it.

One thing to be aware of: Graphics are great for a site's appearance. On the other hand, having so much of the content embedded in images leaves very little text for search engines to index. You'll need to be very thorough in your use of the alt= atttribute for all of the images to allow the search engines to see your content.

If you have Google Webmaster Tools set up, I'd suggest using the "View as Googlebot" option to see what Google sees when it looks at your site.
DeangeloR Premium
Thanks, bob, I'll be sure to do that, and check out that view as google bot options
Michelle04 Premium
Hi. Just took a look at your website and you definitely have the visuals going. It is great! I know what you mean about just reading text and there is a real difference if you put some images in there. I think it keeps the readers attention, which is always a good thing. Nice job! :)
DeangeloR Premium
thanks mlpdap, I took television and commercials in to consideration when I designed my site and others need to do the same. When you see commercials it's not just a bunch of text. It's shapes, bright colors, special effects and cool transitions. We are on wealthy to affiliate to make money and that's what I'm here to do, my site does look like an infomercial lol. When It comes to making sales you have to let the consumer know how this product can benefit them (in the long run) more than a presentation on how it works.