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Last Update: July 15, 2017

SUCCESS 2*4*7 I will bet it is not what you are thinking. That is, it does not represent the commonly used term for all the time – TWENTY-FOUR, SEVEN.

Rather it stands for 4 motivational concepts, 7 of each, twice (2) per day.

Let me explain further.

Four motivational concepts:

Ask – make a list of 7 questions. Ask yourself these questions. Do this twice per day.

Affirm – make a list of 7 affirmations. Say these affirmations to yourself. Do this twice per day.

Articulate – make a list of 7 goals. Say these articulated goals to yourself. Do this twice per day.

Act – make a list of 7 actions. Act as if your goals have been achieved. Review these twice per day.

The synergy created by doing all of these and your commitment to do them each day will bring the success you desire.

Let me know if I can help you identify these in your life and business.

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wyeming52 Premium
...makes sense. Thanks!.
pablocortina Premium
Thank you for this guiding exercise
ericpierre Premium
Can it be always e.g. the same questions or do I have to change all questions every time. Same for affirmations, goals, actions?
dcasa14 Premium
I use the same questions and affirmations, but the goals change as they are accomplished.
Thanks for the comment/questions.
drcmaint Premium
Thanks for this.
AltheaKerr Premium
I suppose if you say it often enough, you believe it! Thank you for the motivation!