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Last Update: Mar 9, 2022

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Well, I took a walk at the post office just a few minutes ago and was very happy with what was waiting for me in my mailbox.

I am so grateful that I decided to do it! I finally ordered a hard copy of Napoleon Hill's famous book Think and Grow Rich.

I'm most probably old fashion, however, even though I read the digital copy on my tablet through a kindle version, having the hardcover copy makes it so much more real.

What got me to buy the hardcover is that I have been streaming the Proctor and Gallagher Institute 24/7 Live stream for about 2 weeks now, and I have it on 24/7 in the background while I work, and every now and then, I will get golden nuggets from Bob and it has gotten me to really take action on every aspect of my life!

As Bob repeats so gallantly again and again: "You build a picture in your mind, and eventually, by eliminating your paradigms and not letting the outside world get in the way, no matter what is going on, the universal law will make your dream appear in physical form".

He learned and studied this book every day for all of his 87 years here on earth and left an immense legacy. There is obviously a "strange secret" in there.

Earl Nightingale (One of Bob's mentors) said that it's not a secret at all:

You become what you think about

Changing your paradigm and being aware of what you think about is the common dominator on all of Bob's teachings!

I'm not sure if I can post a link here, so for those who are interested in watching some of the golden nuggets from Bob, open YouTube and search Proctor and Gallagher Institute 24/7 Live stream and you will find it.

Upward and forward! :))


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Bob Proctor has been one of my heroes for a long time. Took a mentoring course from him some years ago that still has an impact. Did you attend the memorial service?

I'm so glad he left us with so much of his work to study and learn from. It's sad he's gone, as he was a dynamic presenter. However, his teachings live on.

Great sentence -- You become what you think about.

Yes, I did attend the celebration of his life. But you know what? I feel he's still with us in spirit, as he always said we are spiritual beings living in a physical body. He only transitioned to the next level! πŸ™‚

Too bad he can't send emails from where he is.

I just watch his teachings on YouTube and it's just as if he was still with us πŸ˜‰

I'm so glad some of his videos are on YouTube. They are as valid now as when he made them.

I actually have a paperback copy of "Think and Grow Rich" that I've marked, highlighted and reread so many times, I may have to buy another copy if the binding doesn't hold up.

Appreciate the post, Denis

Isaiah 😊

I intend to mark and highlight mine as well, that is the main reason I bought the hardcover! πŸ™‚

Am always looking for new things to help me in my endeavors. This looks good. Thanks.


You will absolutely love it. I also recommend downloading Bob Proctor's free book You Were Born Rich. His book is based on Think and Grow Rich!πŸ™‚

I've read this many times! I liked reading it at bedtime so it would sink in as I slept.

Hmm, haven't read it in years. Maybe I'd better.

My goal is to read part of it every day until I master it!πŸ™‚

I love that book!

I love it too but I haven't read it often enough...

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