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Last Update: Jan 20, 2022

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Hello everyone,

Just a quick update on my journey.

Yesterday I reached 700 subscribers to my email list!.

I know that this is not a huge list, but to me who's only doing this part-time, I find is an accomplishment that needs to be noticed...

That's a screenshot from my Aweber account off my mobile device.

I'm posting not to brag but to show everyone that no matter your situation or how many hours you can spend in a week working on your online business, as long as you move forward, success will eventually show up at your doorstep. 🙂

Keep on pushing!


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Hi Denis,

That’s awesome to hear! I’m glad to read about your current milestone.

It’s a good way for us to keep going no matter where we’re at in our online journey. Glad to know things are going well on the email list.

Kudos to you- thanks for sharing :)



Thanks for the kind words, Eric!

That is truly amazing! I have not yet started my email list, I keep telling myself I need to focus on publishing more blogs and I don't have time to write a bunch of emails too! However your post is very motivating I will focus on getting my email list together and making it happen!

You know what? The faster you start your email list, the easier it gets down the road...Don't wait! Give them something worthwhile and they will gladly exchange their email address for it! 🙂

Wow I had not of that, I really have to brainstorm and figure out my "irresistible offer" to get them to sign up!

Good morning Denis,

It's good to hear from you, I hope you're doing well.

That sounds like a great achievement, I have heard of people with relatively small lists who actually do quite well. The other great thing is that you're taking action and moving forward.

I look forward to hearing more in the future.

Have a great day.


Hey Roy, nice to hear from you too 🙂
You know as well as I do that the secret sauce here is DO NOT QUIT...That's all!

Once someone has the mindset of moving forward, success follows!

Thanks for the kind words!

Good morning Denis,

Thank you for your reply, it's appreciated.

This is so true, quitting is not allowed here! It may sound simple, however, I think far too many people quit far too early! It can be difficult when many of us are working full time and trying to build an Internet business on the side.

Mindset plays such a big part in success, we need to make sure we have a mindset of success before we even get out of bed in the morning! And we also need to make sure we are around the right type of people who also have a positive mindset!

I'm glad all is well Denis.

Have a great Saturday.


That is a great accomplishment! Thanks for sharing.

Really like your statement: "no matter your situation or how many hours you can spend in a week working on your online business, as long as you move forward, success will eventually show up at your doorstep."

Indeed! Continuing to take the action WA trains us to take certainly does bring success.

It's a matter of faith and patience! Once someone "gets it" nothing can stop them. Some people will get there faster than others, but the main thing is to KEEP MOVING FORWARD and not to quit!!!!

Exactly. Light bulb moments will happen throughout the journey and really propel. That's what is really exciting.

I love the metaphor "light bulb moments"😉

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