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Last Update: March 11, 2017

Hello fellow Wa Members

I just wanted to do a quick update to let everyone know I just decided to change my username

Why the Change?

For a couple of reasons that I will explain. However one of the reasons I cant go into too much detail as it falls into my "Top Secrets" category LOL :)

So the 1 of the reasons for the change is that my new username which is now "Daymo" its how all my local friends know me and its how I introduce myself to new friends, and as I have made so many new friends here at WA I wanted to make the change.

It is still the same me that was Damian8 so don't panic too much its not like I been replaced or anything like that, I can still share knowledge and experience here at WA

The "Top Secret" reason for the change, is a new domain idea I maybe using further down the line and the domain was looking too long using my Damian8 name so I shortened it and felt better about how it looked.

So anyways, over the recent months of me being at WA I made quite a few friends and my followers amount is growing at some pace to, so I felt it was important to just let you know of the change to my profile name and why I did it!

Thanks for all the great support as always from, the most amazing online marketing family on the net.

Catch you on the chat!

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AGOgden Premium
...glad someone got to the bottom of it...thanks much!
pparadise Premium
Great research on your topic.