Well! It Has Been Two Weeks Now!

Last Update: July 17, 2017

This is a truly giving, caring community!!! I have been hanging out with the cream of the crop now for two weeks! I have come a long way, with all the help from this amazing, helpful community. What do I have to show for it? I know much more than I did two weeks ago. I can even spell SEO, LOL! I have two live sites up on the hosting platform. They even have affiliate links on them, just no traffic yet. One is a free site on Rubix and the other I own. I also own another site, that isn't active yet.

I plan to purchase two more sites, one that I owned in the early part of the decade and another that will lead interested persons to my MLM site. The earlier one will be a platform that covers all of my online presences, and provide back links while connecting all the sites. It is under an assumed name that I have registered, when I attempted to internet marketing the wrong way at the start of the decade.

One of best parts of this last two weeks is You! The amazing people of this community! Everyone is always ready to help, to cheer each other on and to give a pat on the shoulder when things are not going so good! This is a place where you can feel at home! Thanks for a great two weeks!

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WAwannab Premium
Good to hear from you David! Glad you are among us. I wish you continued success, growth and eventually more dreams come true.
Ivine Premium
Hi David, you are really pushing ahead. Best of luck. Irv.
DavidSeay Premium
Thanks! Same to you!
JasonHeard Premium Plus
Well done, David. You are still building the initial framework for your website's but traffic should be soon to follow. Just keep with the lessons :)

DavidSeay Premium
They are getting there. I'll be glad when I go full time at this. I really enjoy working on my sites. I am going to keep at the lessons. I will concentrate on the affiliate boot camp.