Lesson 10 of Level Two Training Almost Done

Last Update: Jun 6, 2022

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Finally, reached lesson Ten of Level Two in the training and as part of the training I'm here making a post about my progress so far. Just so you know, I've been online doing something since the late 1990s. I've built a few websites for friends and some for clients. Blogging was never my "thing" and even though I had one or two... they were never really successful.

Right off the bat here at Wealthy Affiliate I believe I made a discovery as to why my previous blogs were not successful... They never made it to Google! Here at W/A, in a matter of days I got ranked on Google. If I had only known! (LOL)

Using a "website builder" always sounded to me like something that would give me a "hoaky" looking or performing site. That is DEFINITELY not the case here at W/A.

As you can tell by the header above, I am into the wellness niche. As a senior, being and staying well so I remain on the "right side of the grass" if of greater importance to me than it is to many younger, healthier and vibrant younger members here. On that note, please always remember that what you do today reflects on your well being tomorrow and the rest of your tomorrows. Just because you might be healthy now does not mean you'll always be. So eat healthily, if you drink, do it moderately and get plenty of exercise AND... drink lots of WATER.

I've learned so many neat things so far. I am anxious to continue to the next area where there are lessons on how to actually make money with my site. Hope to chat with many of you along the way.

David in Maryland

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Congrats on your WA progress, David! Keep going, you’re doing great! Loving your wellness tips too…



You have the perfect attitude, David, and this will take you a long way, my friend! You are making GREAT progress so far!

Well done!


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