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HI! My name is Dave Pegula and I reside in Las Vegas, Nevada. I feel very blessed and honored to be a member of





Annual gathering in las vegas?

Annual gathering in las vegas?

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Does anyone know if we can still attend the "Annual Las Vegas" event by paying an admission fee? I'm not in top 100 and since I live in LV....I was just curious.


hi David -- good question --

... the Vegas Conference is really for all who are Super Affiliates and have made the 300 or 100 referral Premium sales --

... for instance, if your upper right airplane has the number 100 in green and today is December 13 -- then you've got until December 31, 2018 to obtain those conversions to get to the Vegas Conference....

... it looks like you been with WA for over three years, has there ever been an exception to this -- unlikely ... it's an all-expense paid with a specific structure/format to it --- so i think it's truly for those who have achieved those goals and worked for it to get there and deserving of it...

... all the best ... 😊

Thank you for your input...much appreciated!

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