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Last Update: Dec 26, 2020

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Well we are 3 days into our 10 day stay in Amsterdam and it has rained each day. It has not however stopped us enjoying our stay. I walk the dog in a huge park three times a day, an there are lots of other dogs around.

I am always impressed seeing people running around, pounding the park but there are tai chi courses, boxing groups, skipping areas, climbing areas, freestyle areas, skate parks, and there are great childrens areas.

The rain does stop us playing tennis and as indoor courts are closed, playing paddle ball has been really reduced.

Cycling of course continues and there millions of bikes around which can be rented for €15 per month, all come with a lick and if a malfunction occurs you get it replaced, which is fan.

Trams run from 6am until am and you have to be careful as they are largely bigger than the average human.

Recent Comments


I have never been, but I really must as it's supposed to be beautiful. But I couldn't be away over Christmas, it just wouldn't feel right lol.

Raining like they say it happens in England eh- but it sounds like you are enjoying it over there in the Netherlands. Have the best of fun, Dave

Amsterdam looks and sounds like a great place to be. Thank you for sharing the pictures which really says it all.

Amsterdam is a great city and it sounds like you are making the most of things even with current restrictions. Enjoy your time!

Amsterdam is s really interesting city. Enjoy your holiday Dave.

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