A Little Frustrated

Last Update: July 04, 2018

I just started in June as a starter member and upgraded to premium a short time later. At first I thought I'd pick my own niche and go through the Online Entrepreneur Certification but then I decided to promote WA and am currently working through the Affiliate Bootcamp now. Getting my website setup and working on content but I sometimes hit a block with writing stuff. The templates do help and I will get there it just gets frustrating at times cause I want to do my best with this.

I love the community here and how everyone is so helpful. With the training that's available to us Kyle and Carson have really impressed me with how much they want to see people succeed. I just need to work a little harder and not get to overwhelmed I guess. Anyone else get a little frustrated at times?

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DavidFrady Premium

Yessir, we all get that way at one point or another. It's OK. Just keep moving forward at your own pace. No need to rush, it's not a race. There is a lot to learn here. A lot of information to take in.

When I get this way, I kinda just back off a day or so and get my thoughts and my barrens together. Then I go back to posting.

You'll do fine. One step at a time my friend. Take care

PMbaluka Premium
This is a normal feeling for every newbie and at such a moment, you need to just slow down, and make your priorities right.

Don't get carried away by the shiny objects around here and lose focus. If you feel stuck in anything, don't die alone when you can get assistance. Shoot a question in live chat, classroom or to the support team.

I just want to assure you that if you continue taking the lessons and watching the videos, everything will get in place step by step.


sdawson Premium
DarylChapman Premium
Thanks, I know I'll get there. Happy 4th of July!
rondaa Premium
i feel just like you, you just have to do more researches from different sources then use them to do your own content

google is the key, just know what to search for :)