Progress Is Being Made.

Last Update: May 14, 2020

Hello WA Family,

We have had some victories this week and here is a progress report.

4008 Followers In The Network.

Today we have pushed over the 4,000 mark in our network.

One of the things that Nicola and I work on is being an encouragement to all in the community.

Helping others has always been one of the best things we do well.

Thank you to all those 4008 members, we appreciate you all.

We make a point of replying to every one of these follows.

Back To Publishing Regular Content On Our Website.

A couple of weeks back we posted that we had not published any new content on our website for approx 12 weeks, due to moving house and other business commitments.

Thanks to the encouragement of the WA community we have managed to start posting content again and are getting back on track.

We now have 59 posts and moving forward.

Our Online Bookstore Has Doubled In Sales.

We have operated an online bookstore here in Australia for 17 years.

Over the last few weeks with COVID keeping many people at home we have seen our business double.

In the last few weeks we have shipped out close to 1,000 books, which is exciting for a home-based business.

I know this may not have much to do with regard to WA, but I just want to encourage you all today that online business is seeing an increase in sales and turnover right now and will continue to grow into the future.

Thanks for reading this today and as always we both wish you the very best success.

Darren & Nicola :)

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mybiz4u Premium
Hey D&N...congrats on the move and the news...yes, a LOT of online activity due to COVID-19 and I am sure it will stay for a while...the online activity that is, not the COVID...I will be too happy with its departure worldwide.
Take care and all the best.
DarrenNicola Premium
Thanks for the comment.
All the best and have a great weekend.
Darren & Nicola :)
LDSewell Premium
Congrats on doubling your sales and on getting back to creating content on a regular basis. Building your network to more than 4000 and climbing is also a great achievement.

You have my best wishes for your continued success in your business, your life, and in all you do!

Best regards,

L.D. Sewell
DarrenNicola Premium
Thanks for the comments.
Have a great weekend.
Darren & Nicola :)
LouiseBT Premium Plus
Hi Darren and Nicola
Great to see your progress, well done!
Well done for your online book store success too. We really need to be creative with how we do business now - you have done that and it's paid off - congrats! I saw a post on Facebook the other day about someone selling books online and contributing a portion of the sale to a struggling animal rescue center - that is working very well for their book sales too. Clever strategy.
Wishing you continued success!
DarrenNicola Premium
Thanks, Louise.
We have also always sown some of our profits into other needs.
Thanks for commenting and all the best.
Darren & Nicola :)
BillandSue Premium
Hi Nicola,
We know the feeling of being temporarily stalled. We moved last October, it doesn't matter wither it is across the country or across the street, moving is stressful.

Getting back on track does take time. It is wonderful to hear your success stories, no matter in what area. I believe if you can do it successfully in one area you can do it another. Keep it going forward.

May great success hound you always.

DarrenNicola Premium
Thanks, Bill.
Moving is never fun.
It has been a challenge to get back on the path to progress.
Have a great week.
Darren & Nicola :
JrzyGrlBJ Premium
Great for you and Nicola. Congratulations on the latest achievements.

Excellent post.

DarrenNicola Premium
Thanks, Barbara.
Have a great rest of the week.
Darren & Nicola :)
JrzyGrlBJ Premium
You're very welcome and enjoy your weekend.