Baby Boomer Options - Regarding Staying in Shape

Last Update: July 05, 2015

Baby boomer options, regarding staying in shape. It is said that, when comparing the physical condition of the previous generation

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with the boomer generation, that previous generation, at age 60, was in better shape than the boomers are at the same age. I think that another survey should be taken at age 70. Boomers have the opportunity to improve their physical condition, where the condition of the previous generation is already in the books.

History of Boomer Fitness

This is a subject I know a little bit about, because I lived through it. Back in the late 60’s we boomers were pretty good at abusing our bodies. We drank too much, we smoked too much, and we got the munchies far too often. That was probably a result of what we were smoking. A lot of male members of our generation went off to war, and when we came home we had learned better ways to ruin our health.

What we did in the 60”s set the pattern for the way we lived for the next 40 years. We continued drinking, smoking, and eating junk food like we were indestructible. That’s how I felt when I was 40 something. I would ski all day and party all night, and then go to work the next day. It is a good thing I got married and my wife settled my back side down.

Somewhere when we were between 50 and 60 something, a light was turned on inside my head, and I figured out that this lifestyle was killing me. I can guarantee that if I had not quite smoking 13 years ago, I would be dead NOW. Later on I quite drinking and I am still working on my diet.

You can correct me if I am wrong, and do that in the comments area below, but I believe that my lifestyle is pretty typical for the boomer generation.

How Boomer Prefer to Exercise

Boomers are social creatures. Just take a look at how many boomers are on Facebook. Consequently boomers do not want to exercise

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along. Boomers also have decided that they enjoy living in communities populated by diverse age groups. Likewise boomer enjoy getting their exercise in the company of younger people. The fitness clubs could be making a bundle off boomers, if only the boomers could afford the dues.

I am a golfer, and I really enjoy playing golf with my over the hill friends. When we make good shoots we are congratulated, and when we screw up, we usually don’t say anything. However, if the screwup is bad enough, it warrants a good laugh. Life is good in our sixties,or seventies.

Type of Exercise

The first thing we need to do before starting an exercise program is check with your doctor, to make sure that we can handle the exercise. Secondly, we need to listen to our bodies. If, while exercising, our body starts screaming for help, listen and do not get hurt.

Types of exercise that gets our heart rate up are good for our cardiovascular system. That is activities like bike riding, walking, or jogging.

Also good are exercises which work against gravity. Pushups, walking up stairs are good because we not only work against gravity, but we also get our heart rates up. That is pretty much true with any exercise that works against gravity.

It would be nice to be able to go a fitness club and have a personal trainer to guide us in our exercise program. The only thing is that kind of service can be expensive. We can get excellent advice regarding types of exercise on the internet.


There are certain ingredients in food that we should stay away from. In some cases we can avoid these ingredients by reading the labels on the food.

Watch out for GMO Foods. If the label says “Non - GMO Project Verified”, the food is OK to eat.

Do not eat food which contains Trans Fats. The FDA determined that partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs) are the major source of trans fats. Check the label and if it is indicated that food does not contain trans fats, it is safe to eat.

Watch your intake of saturated fats. The American Heart Association suggest that no more than 6 percent of your daily calories (about 13 grams for 2000 calories) come from saturated fats each day.

Look for products which are made with canola oil or olive oil. Stay away from palm oil or palm kernel oil.

That is all I got for now. Have a good time exercising, and watch your diet. Please, If you have any questions, or would like to comment on this post, leave your comments or questions below.

Thank You


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Chris2005 Premium
This is pretty much how all of us baby boomers grew up. Now that I am in my 60's I do watch a lot more of everything. I am glad I stopped smoking and drinking in the 70's, as most of my friends from back then are gone now.
darrellw Premium
Hi Chris. We sure did have fun while we were killing ourselves with kindness didn't we. That reminds me, I haven't taken my walk tonight. Better get going.

Thank you for your comment.
rolexvon Premium
Good read - :-) Thanks, Darrell. I'm in the Generation X era but I have lots of loved ones that are Baby Boomers yet they still look fabulous. Exercise and good nutrition plays a big part as always -- clean living, too.

darrellw Premium
Thank you rolexvon, for your thoughtful comment. A consistent exercise routine will do us boomers a lot of good.

Thanks again for your response.