My Wealthy Affiliate Non - Financial Goals

Last Update: February 21, 2016

Hi Guys,

Here are my Non-Financial goals moving forward. I have some that are WA related and some that are not. I kept in mind the below quote from Thomas Edison when writing the and it really allowed me to open my imagination. A really inspiring set of spiritual notation.

My Wealthy Affiliate Non - Financial Goals

1. 10 Days

  • I will have completed my Level 1 WA training.
  • I will have decided on my first niche for my website.

2. 30 Days

  • I will have 1 of my own websites up and running with a building traffic flow to each.
  • Start the first draft of my first children’s picture book using the clear idea I have.

3. 6 months

  • In 6 months I will have 2 niche websites with steady traffic flow and I will have referred over 100 people to join Wealthy Affiliate as Premium Members.
  • I will have completed up to and including Phase 4 of the Affiliate Boot Camp training.

4. 1 year

  • I will have completed the Affiliate Boot Camp Training and have referred over 300 people to Wealthy Affiliate rate with a conversion rate of 80% and over to Premium membership.
  • I will have my first children’s book published and be working on my second book of the 8 part series.
  • I will be living in a brand new home by the beach.

Thanks for reading and hope you have a spiritually fulfilling and successful day!

All the best,

Dan Madden

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OldMCSEGuy Premium
It's nice to have written goals. Best of luck.
AlexEvans Premium
Hi Dan you have written it down you are already half way there. Best wishes for your continuing success.
BobLoder Premium
Nice job, Dan.

I'd advise you to stay focused, but I'd say you would have to remind me; as you are quite zeroed in!

To your success!
Bob Loder
St Augustine, Florida, USA

P.S. We have a saying here, "The world can't end today, because it's already tomorrow in Sydney"! 8^ ) So have a great tomorrow!
DanMadden Premium
Thanks Bob. Great quote too! I'm going to use that for my future travels outside of Oz. You have a great tomorrow also.

JudeP Premium
Great motivation, thank you :)