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April 03, 2016
Hi everyone. I left due to personal life choices. I'm back and ready and raring to make the most of what WA and the community have to offer. Looking forward to the experience and giving this all I've got. Have renewed energy and aiming to achieve big results!Cheers,Dan
February 21, 2016
Gratitude is defined as below:The reason I mention 'Gratitude" is that I have been doing something after a long days work for the past week. I will continue to do this everyday until I have no positivity left in me (which will be never). It puts me instantly in positive mindset which allows me to free my mind to focus on what I want to achieve, in any part of my life, without the distraction of unimportant and creativity-blocking thoughts. When you feel grateful and thankful for what you have,
Hi Guys, Here are my Non-Financial goals moving forward. I have some that are WA related and some that are not. I kept in mind the below quote from Thomas Edison when writing the and it really allowed me to open my imagination. A really inspiring set of spiritual notation. My Wealthy Affiliate Non - Financial Goals 1. 10 DaysI will have completed my Level 1 WA training. I will have decided on my first niche for my website. 2. 30 DaysI will have 1 of my own websites up and running with a buildi