G r a t i t u d e

Last Update: February 21, 2016

Gratitude is defined as below:

The reason I mention 'Gratitude" is that I have been doing something after a long days work for the past week. I will continue to do this everyday until I have no positivity left in me (which will be never). It puts me instantly in positive mindset which allows me to free my mind to focus on what I want to achieve, in any part of my life, without the distraction of unimportant and creativity-blocking thoughts. When you feel grateful and thankful for what you have, you give off positive energy and in turn attract positive energy. This creates more positive thoughts and feelings in your mind which helps to clear you of negativity and thoughts of obstacles between you and the goals and results you wish to achieve. It also allows me to see how good I actually have it compared to some others on this earth.We can do anything we want in this life and with gratitude for what we have and are going to have we will be more aligned with what we want to have and achieve.

So here's the exercise:

Take a piece of paper and write down 10 things you are grateful for. Some of these things may be future goals or wants and if so write that you are grateful for them as if you already have them now. Do this everyday for 30 days and watch how this impacts your results.

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viosecrets Premium
WOW, thank you DanMadden for reminding us about GRATITUDE: It is part of my core belief system.I have come to witness that Gratitude keeps one connected to our source of supply....I have a particular saying I say to myself, more times than I care to count, during my wakefulness.... I concentrate my mind upon this saying daily,just before retiring at night and just after arising in the morning for the purpose of intentionally deciding how I want to spend my time..." Am so grateful for the talents bestowed upon me and the work am able to do, for how am able to spend my days, for the people I have attracted to into my life, and as I go on through life, I just want to go on saying, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you....and for sure I feel the magical moments in my life and I marvel at how I feel, am really Blessed!

And of course I do have my Gratitude Journal!

Thank you, and be Blessed too. All the best in all that you do!
DanMadden Premium
You too and that's an awesome daily ritual viosecrets.
RaeAnnePond Premium
Wow. That's a great exercise! It would be good for those down days when I need a little extra focus. Thanks for sharing the idea.

~ Rae Anne
AlexEvans Premium
A simple formula thank you for sharing, I like it , will let you know.