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Last Update: August 09, 2017

Wanted to share a little more about me.

I've spent years trying to find something that suits me career wise. I left school after completing my GCSE's and when straight to collage to do my Cache Diploma in childcare (level 3) At that point I already had experience in childcare through babysitting and my parents fostering so I felt very passionate about helping children to develop.

After collage I left and when straight into working with childcare. I found this not as fuffilling as I expected due to the amount of paperwork. This meant less time being able to focus on the children. I went from job to job in search of a better environment but sadly did not find it.

I finally found a job I loved and felt fulfilled in. I was working alongside a family to help look after their daughter who had complex health needs including monitoring and providing medical care for her tracheostomy, oxygen and medications.

This changed when I had my daughters as I could no longer work as the pay and cost of childcare was not worth it :( The family really did not want me to leave (and neither did I) so we tried to have the girls with me while I worked but I felt it was not appropriate as I could not fully focus my attention on their daughter and her health needs. After discussions with the family we both decided on a suited person to replacement and have continuing communication till this day.

As you can imagine I was sad as I had finally found my calling but motherhood had to be my number one calling. I love being a mum but sadly it does not pay.....even though its one of the hardest jobs you can do!

I then had to find a new way to accomplish a career while being a mother. I have tried many online money making things and all have not been suited to me.

Today I can say that I have finally found something that I feel is going to be the base to all my future successes and look forward to what it holds.

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Carol46 Premium
I am sure you will do well with your dedication and communication skills, Danielle. Best wishes
Daniiket Premium
Thanks :)
RandyL1 Premium
Congrats, great decision!

MKearns Premium
A great find and a great new beginning Danielle!
Thomas27 Premium
I admire your dedication to your career and walking away from a job you really liked must have been hard. But on the bright side you have this time with your daughters, time you will never get back. Now you can enjoy being a mom full time while building your business here at WA. I wish you much success in your business .
Daniiket Premium really enjoying it and yes these are the moments lots of people miss out on due to working so its a blessing! I'm very lucky that we can manage to just about live off my husbands wage.
This also gives me something to be proud of so I don't think I'm just sitting back while my husband brings the money in as I'm very independent by nature so its a real learning curve.