Holidays do a world of good!

Last Update: September 05, 2017

So I've been very busy away from WA for the last week...... Went on holiday to a small town near frome in the UK :) was lovely to spend some time with the family without doing website stuff.

I've decided to do a new website for a while :) during my holiday I had time to think about my current website and decided this would be much better suited to me as it's where my professional experience is and also a big passion of mine..... Childcare :)

I did not start with it as I was scared to due to the unknown of this whole website and business side of things but now I have more understanding I want to bit the bullet!

I still want to do my homeless help website but there are many brick walls I'm finding when doing brainstorming so it's going to be a very hard one! :(

Also decided to be less active on here and focus on my website and children as I think I was letting this whole thing take over.... I'm good at doing that.... Jumping head first and running before I can walk but when things are passion filled I can't help it :)

Hope everyone is well? Chat soon

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munazira Premium
Since you come from tech family do the website as I did and not knowing all posts are scattered. Once you did the site offer for feedback and follow the feedback to rectify. I did follow the feedback to rearrange my pages and now alright. As you do the problem comes you can ask. Hope this helps and thanks to the guy who told me to rearrange my menu and not knowingly I create one page Sub menu and mission statement. I recall someone told about mission statement in the site apart from about me and privacy policy and I did that one as a mission statement. Now rearranged menu as per feedback the site looks good. Hope this helps and start doing anyway then mistakes could be fixed. If you know wordpress you can do wonders to the site if you follow trainings.
spurway Premium Plus
Holidays are there to retreat and connect with family and friends.
Looking at your site from a distance is always good as it gives you a different approach and perspective.
MKearns Premium
Going "on holiday" is a wonderful official opportunity to renew your dedication Danielle!
Daniiket Premium
lol need to refocus my dedication thats for sure! get back to work again now and starting fresh !!
MKearns Premium
Glad to see you back at it Danielle! :)
Jaunesk Premium
Sometimes, it is good to take a step backward to see the direction of our course.
RHBarlow Premium
We need to take some time for ourselves, it is good you did to recharge your battery.
Then get back to your passion, WA and your online business.