Daily Check list

Last Update: August 14, 2017

Every day there are a few things I like to do which help my WA ranking and further my training and website development.

My personal check list (you might want to change to suit you)

  • Sign in (with a coffee!) Read you unread dashboard notifications.
  • Reply to any messages or comments.
  • Follow others who follow you and leave them a personalised message on their profile page (Please not write the same for everyone as who likes receiving a copy and paste message....No-one.)
  • Read and reply to any private messages (Premium member's only)
  • Complete a lesson or task. (This depends on the size of tasks and what my day is like but I aim to complete something realistic)
  • Do bits on your website...... whether it be doing a post/page, getting comments or feedback.

Extra's if I have a great day of getting my head down I will also:

  • Welcome new WA member's
  • Answer questions on live chat or unanswered questions in questions section.
  • Do more training or website.

So far:

This has helped me gain a lower ranking in WA, help me build my knowledge and push me to focus on getting things done even if I'm struggling as I know this day checklist is a positive way to make me feel I've accomplished something even on those days I don't feel I'm getting anywhere.

Completed course 2 going to 3!!

At the moment I have got lots of content on my website but not half as much as I want so I will keep going. I am very proud of how far I have come so far and look forward to starting my course 3!!

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caeshleman67 Premium
I really like this checklist and I think I am going to incorporate it into my life. I feel like I am stuck and I am in the social media part of the training and things there are not going as well as I would like. I feel like I have already spent too much time there but I am still not finished.
Daniiket Premium
Thanks I'm glade this has been helpful for you :)
BellaBill Premium
Even in my everyday life I kerp a daily checklist of thr things I need to remember and accomplish that day. I apply the same thing here. Although, until school starts in a couple of weeks and frees up my time, it's been a struggle to get through my daily WA list - Monday stuff getting pushed to Tuesday etc etc.
Daniiket Premium
Yeah it's hard to juggle children at the same time as doing bits. I find I do stuff on my phone like replying to messages and following reply in the day while they are running around. Then in the evenings I get more down to technical and training :)
mybiz4u Premium
Awesome, Danielle. Keep trucking. Of course, in order to achieve success, you need a plan - and you have one.
Much success.
PLEAffiliate Premium
Good one!
Daniiket Premium
Thanks :) Have you anything else you do on a daily basis that might help improve things?
PLEAffiliate Premium
Riding my Harley... lol
Clears the mind and makes it fresh to develop new ideas for posts :D
Daniiket Premium
Lol I don't have a Harley but I do have a mini :) Often think of ideas as I'm driving, In-between my girls singing in the back!