3 month progres report on WA!

Last Update: April 09, 2016

Hello, everyone! On April 11th I will celebrate my 3 month anniversary here on Wealthy Affiliate. Since I started my website (http://gettingtoknowbrazilinpictures.com) on the very first day I became premium, this also coincides with the site's age. On my 1 month anniversary I set up some goals, and I would like to share with you what targets I have reached, the ones I have not, what I can do to pursue my new ones and ideas on going forward.

But first, words of wisdom and encouragement from Brazil's current but soon-to-be-former President, Dilma Rousseff, elected the most disappointing leader in the world by Fortune Magazine with a margin of 22x the runner up (Rick Snyder).

"We will not have goals. We will leave the goals open, but when we reach those goals, we will double those goals."

  • Reach a total pages + blogs = 30. Among these, at least 5 very complete product reviews. - Done! Reached exactly 30 pages. I have only 3 product reviews named as such, but I have blog posts which are reviews and commercially driven, so to speak, so I am OK with stating that I have reached this.
  • Reach 5000 visitors. - Fell way short here. To start off, this was poorly defined, as I was not clear on the difference between sessions and page views. I was actually targeting page views, but even so I am very shy of the goal. I have reached a total of 2152 page views, 868 sessions, and what I consider a good rejection rate at 66.94% and an average session of 03:30. It is clear I considered that my blog would grow a lot fast than it has. I also see that it is not self propelling at all. My most visited days come when I have a lot of activity on it, either by publishing a new post or requesting comments here on WA. Social media also does not bring me yet significant attention, but I have seen some interesting traffic coming from Reddit.
  • Reach total earnings of US$50. - Did not reach this one either. I have reached about US$13 coming from GoogleAds. No commissions from Amazon or Fotomoto yet. I guess I just have to keep pushing here - it is a game of numbers. Amazon registers far fewer visits than I can see through my Pretty Links, and I don't know why this is the case (could be because it registers when I click my own links, even though the differences are far larger).
  • Break the 700 ranking in WA. - Done! In fact, as I type, I am at Rank 511. I believe by Monday I will break the 500 barrier, as I will do some fun stuff here at WA.
  • Post every single blog post on Pinterest, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. - Done! I have established a good operating rhythm in terms of all the activities I do surrounding a blog post. Once I have these completely mapped out, I will do a training on this, as I believe have a clear to-do-list for these really helps taking the guess work and eventuality out of the process. And it should be all about making it easier!

So here are my new goals for my 6 month mark:

  • Reach 50 blog posts + pages. That is a 1.6 blog post + page average per week. Sounds low, but this is realistic within my timeframe to work on the blog, and some of my posts require a lot of previous research.
  • Reach 5000 page views and 2000 sessions. I am averaging right now 2.5 page views per session, so basically I need to multiply by 2.3 my number of visitors. Sounds hard, but should be feasible considering I now have a backlog of pages within my site that should be generating some traffic.
  • Reach total earnings of US$50 - Slow and steady here. My very first dream here is having my WA expenses paid through my website, so at least I can blog "for free".
  • By the 5 month mark, do a very comprehensive review of WA and start promoting it within my blog posts when appropriate. Even though this is not my website's most important revenue target, it will be time to start bringing in people who want to make money from photography.
  • Do at least 3 trainings. The subjects are top rated secret! - Not really, if you follow my blog posts. I give hints all the time.

This is it for now! Thank you so much for my 405 (and growing!) followers - you have given me lots to learn, and lots of opportunities to help. I thank you for that! I also thank the entire wonderful community we have here, always ready to reply quickly even to the weirdest questions.

See you all in my 6 month anniversary!

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sailaway11 Premium
Daniel--Thanks for giving me some perspective with this post. I'm looking forward to you sharing how you've developed a routine for your social media posting. Daily processes will make it all a lot easier. I'm visualizing your success! And mine!
DanielLara Premium
I will have it soon, Deborah! I think it will be able to help people establish a good operating rhythm, and hopefully cut down on time required post content writing.
DIAB Premium
There are only steps forward. This is what you should focus on. I am a goal oriented person myself but I learned to weight this need. Be happy with what you did till now and continue to build on your goals.
DanielLara Premium
Hi, Diana! I appreciate your input, especially due to your intense math background. I think goals should be a means to an end, which is self improvement and materialization of your desires. But I don't get too hung up on it - I'm fine with the progress I have made so far. I'm pretty sure I am doing the best I can within the limitations I have in terms of time and possibility to commit. So it's all good!
Ericabried Premium
Thanks for sharing. I think we all realize sooner or later that slow, consistent progress is what's important.
DanielLara Premium
Hi, Erica! Indeed, it is better to build up slowly but surely.
iainclarke Premium
Many thanks for sharing your goals. There is no easy route to success....you have just got to be repetitive and consistent. All the best.
DanielLara Premium
Thanks, Ian! I'm on top of it.
Benny3991 Premium
Great post, keep working hard it will pay off
DanielLara Premium
Thanks, Benny! I really do hope so :-)