Progress so far.

Last Update: November 14, 2017

Since joining august this year, the progress of learning affiliate marketing is overwhelming and sometimes hard when there's a lot of ways to do things. Also the English can be tough sometimes when its not my mother language, but i keep on fighting it the best i can! I'm proud of myself for the of solving things that sometimes felt impossible to do, but somehow managed it through! :)

My niche is wristwatches because that's a hobby of mine and i like to collect them as well, (i have 6 watches this far) so why not blog and promoting them in marketing biz! ;) Next niche i don't know.. Something profitable! ;) So that's basically my plans and goals the forthcoming months.

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    frex6 Premium
    Keep on trying , don't give up, you will make it.
    AFrenock Premium
    English aside, it can be overwhelming!! I feel your pain. I just keep plugging along as I can find the time. Hang in there!!!