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Hi there, I feel like I'm on a dating site right now..... yes I am, a date with destiny! .





I can't come up with a niche?

I can't come up with a niche?

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Is my life that boring? Maybe I need a Therapist!

This was my question, I answer it under the "create your non-financial goals" but I was thinking maybe proofreading, however I do enjoy playing casino games on the computer could that be my niche?

Theres money in the casino niche I think.

Thanks Dan, I think so too, so that will be my niche (told ya I talk a lot) talked up on my niche!!

Hi Dan, What's your Passion? Can't think of one, I would suggest that you get started by promoting WA! It's a great way to get your feet wet and it is also the BEST Training and Community supported site I've ever come across and I've been to a lot. You will be helping a lot of people out there that are being hurt by Scam Artists and you'll feel like you're giving back and at the same time you now have a Niche:). ttyl. Sharon:)

Thanks Sharon, thats what I think I'll do but theres so much competition.

Not really Dan, as Kyle told me. There is lots to go around and each of us are different in our own way. There are so many people out there that are looking for a safe place to work and create their own online business. Design your website and make it your own, follow the Boot Camp and Webinars, if your in need of the subject at hand. Most importantly ask questions the community is there for you. Perhaps send Kyle a PM and let him know your concerns, he is very supportive and is always ready to help! ttyl. Sharon:)

Maybe your niche could be about boredom and how people finding activities to do at home and outside!

Hi Dan, have you thought of promoting WA?

Thank, your welcome to send vibes anytime!

Will do!

How do your powers work?

Hi Dan
Have you got family, any kids? Do you watch any sports? Do you like food? Do you like cars, computer games. Must be something you like!

This might help. :)

thanks, I'm letting the info sink in.

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