Why Wealthy Affiliate Is One Of The Best Ways To Make Money Online

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Making money online and building a successful online business can be quite the chore.

What's more is the fact that you are constantly having to dodge scams, MLMs, someone pushing Herbalife, or your next door neighbor selling you snake oil through some cool new site he found recommended highly by his favorite "Instapreneur".

We've all struggled to find legit opportunities online, and while freelancing and other options come to mind, Wealthy Affiliate truly has proven to be one of the best ways to make money online.

Avoiding Online Scams

Avoiding scams can be tough, especially when you are new to online business.

There are many different websites out there promising you get rich quick schemes and instant $5,000 income in less than 24 hours.

The truth is, these are probably scams and someone is suckering you out of your hard earned cash.

I didn't manage to avoid all the scams, I was a victim of multiple MLMs before finding Wealthy Affiliate.

One such MLM even offered me "high ticket items" to sell. I had multiple conference calls with their pushy sales representatives, and finally they told me I had to upgrade and purchase a higher tier of "product" in order to market that product.

This definitely wasted a lot of my time and I ended up having nothing to show for it at the very end.

MY NUMBER ONE RULE: You should never have to pay for a product to market it.

Any time you have to pay for a product in order to market that product, you immediately become a consumer and are no longer an affiliate. Remembering my number one rule will most certainly help you avoid scams.

The truth is, anything that promises you instant gratification or microwave income is likely a huge scam.

Unfortunately for me, I learned the hard way.

My goal with writing this is to help you realize that there are not that many legit opportunities out there to make money.

The fact is, a solid business with a great foundation is not build over night.

It takes months of hard work to start seeing a real income, and it can take up to a year to really replace your full time income, that's what Wealthy Affiliate is all about.

Real. Online. BUSINESS.

Learning How To Build An Online Business The Right Way

Perhaps one of the hugest benefits of Wealthy Affiliate is the extensive training that you have available to you.

The Online Entrepreneur Certification teaches you everything you need to know about founding your own website.

It starts you from the ground up and offers you insight into how some of the top niche sites in the world function.

Kyle and Carson (the founders here at WA) have put a great deal of effort into catering to your quest for knowledge.

They make it easy to turn a blog about your passions into a fully functioning money making machine of a website.

If you want to take it a step futher and earn commission for promoting the Wealthy Affiliate platform itself, you can dive into the Affiliate Bootcamp.

The Affiliate Bootcamp takes you one step further than your niche site.

This training will walk you through everything you need to know about promoting WA, and expanding upon your niche sites to really start scaling your business and converting traffic to sales.

You really can't beat the plethora of training offered here at Wealthy Affiliate, and I know the rest of you already agree with me.

Lastly, if you have been lucky enough, the Super Affiliate Training that was started up last year is back online for month 9/12 coming soon.

The in depth overview and very targeted goals you are provided with keep you on track and really let you start seeing serious website traffic after just a couple months.

Imagine actually meeting the Super Affiliate goal of 300 Premium Referrals in a year. As many of you have seen, you can accomplish this goal.

Even if you do the minimum and these Premium Referrals only stick around for one month, you will make almost $15,000 through referalls to WA.

If that doesn't sound like legit money online I don't know what does.

Granted, you won't be rich overnight... but anyone promising you that is like I said above, promising you a giant SCAM.

Can You Really Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate?

The answer is simply, YES.

Not only can you make money through your own niche site like I have up to this point...

You can actually make good money promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

I don't know of any site out there that has a better recurring commission structure with such a large affiliate commission percentage.

Even the big hitters like Amazon only offer 7% and that's in some of the better categories. Many have been reduced to 4-5%.

Much of my income from niche sites has been cut by these changes in recent years, but not my income from WA.

Even if you don't want to necessarily believe me, check out some of the testimonials from other great WA members!

Click below to check out Grace's 2018 Year in Review:

Here's another great example from Jerry:

The bottom line is, you don't need me to prove to you that you'll make money here at WA, you can prove it to yourself.

Reading testimonials is great, and there are countless more where these came from. Doing so can encourage you to keep moving when times are tough or it feels like you're not gaining much traction with your website.

The fact is though, if you put in the effort and keep working hard at it YOU WILL SEE RESULTS.


Not only is Wealthy Affiliate a great learning platform, it really is one of the best ways to make money online.

Whether you are already a starter member here at WA, maybe you've already gone premium and been exposed to the countless member benefits, just remember that if you follow the training here at WA you will be successful.

With patience, work ethic, and the willingness to learn you can rise through the ranks at WA just like myself and many members before me and be well on your way to replacing your full time income.

Even if replacing your full time income is not your goal, maybe you just want to add another income stream as a side hustle like me, it is more than possible with Wealthy Affiliate.

If you have not yet signed up for Wealthy Affiliate and you have stumbled across this post by chance, CONGRATULATIONS.

Being exposed to WA early on is what saved me in the long run. Before I discovered this platform I really had no idea how lucrative the online space could be.

I highly encourage you to click the green button in the upper right hand corner and sign up for a free starter account today to see what WA is all about.

The best part about WA's starter membership is there is no credit card required or any purchasing of products. You simply enter your name and email and boom, you're ready to start your journey to building an online business.

Where else can you get that?

If you are already a WA member, I'd love to hear about your experience here with Wealthy Affiliate and what you think up to this point. Please leave me a comment below!

If you haven't yet signed up and have questions, create a free starter account and feel free to add your questions below. I'll personally make sure they get answered by myself or another WA member :)

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Hey Dalton,
Those scams that you spoke of can sound so tempting. Once you are in WA and learn the proper procedure then you will KNOW what is a SCAM and LEGIT.

Tried and True



They really do hook you!

I think WA has probably saved me from 100 scams at this point. It's absolutely crazy how many videos I see from the next uber rich guru pushing some overnight Shopify scheme on me or something along those lines.

Thanks for reading!

Hi Dalton,
I had to learn the hard way too! There are so many scams out there today it's not even funny. I have lost quite a bit of money on scams in the past until I found WA!!

Best of luck to you,

Hi Donna,

That's unfortunate! However, I'm super glad you have found WA. There are so many scams out there trying to take your hard earned money. Don't fall for it.

WA seems to be the last stop for most internet marketers as it's all about building a REAL online business, not some magic passive income generator or PPC dependent drop-shipping platform.

Let me know if you have any questions or need help with your site.


Thanks Dalton I appreciate that. I may take you up on that sometime!

Happy Valentine's Day!


I totally agree with your post. We are with the right platform.

Heck yes, Ahimbe.

Best of luck on your journey here at WA!


Great information - very useful! Thanks so much for sharing!

Hey, Bob!

Glad you found this informative. Let me know if you have any questions or need help here at WA!

Thanks for reading.

Very encouraging post with a lot of constructive information. Thank you for sharing.

Glad I could help! Thanks for reading!

Great post!!
You are right. WA is the best place to be if we
want to succeed.
It's not easy if the person is not ready to really invest.
But if we are really ready to work, all the paths are
open to achieve succees!

Thanks for your very positive post!

Hey Ingrid!

Thanks for reading! There is definitely a lot of investment involved but people usually associate this with monetary investment.

In reality, you can’t buy online success, you have to work for and ultimately earn it just like any other income.

The benefit with WA is you work for yourself and YOU decide how much you want to put into it.

Have a great day!

Great post DaltonTberry.
Wealthy Affiliate is the best online opportunity, that I know off, and worth every bit of time and effort.

Glad you think so, Iridecent.

Keep up the good work!

Wealthy affiliate is my favorite online thus far.

Glad you agree Nadishia!

Thanks for reading. Glad you have discovered WA and enjoy the training and vast coursework that the platform has to offer.

Let me know if you need anything on your journey to online success!

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