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Hey, my names Dale & welcome to my WA profile.

For me, generating a full-time income online was always a dream but I never thought it would be possible for me to actually achieve it.

Anyway, to cut a long story short it turns out that it was!

Thanks to affiliate marketing I've been able to leave my job as an electrician & now I do this "internet marketing thing" full-time, working remotely from literally wherever I can grab an internet connection.

Whilst it didn't happen overnight it's quite crazy that it happened at all - considering that back when I first started out I'd never even heard of affiliate marketing before.

It just shows that as long as you dedicate yourself literally anything is possible regardless of who you are or what background you've come from.

I love being a part of the Wealthy Affiliate community, the people here are so friendly & it's great seeing new members joining & finding success online.
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Kundaim Premium
Hey Dale, your story is not only interesting but amazingly inspiring. It is a reassurance that with hard work, it is very possible to gain financial freedom through online marketing. Your story makes me realize that I have finally joined the platform that is the key to my ultimate goal.

Keep going, we are right behind you!

Dale123 Premium
Thank you very much Kundai, I know for sure you will reach your goals here :) have a great weekend!
That's so awesome.! I'm so glad to be here and patience is a lot the key. Though I always believed it to be a much quicker way to success opposed to like Harvard MBA or Stanford. The route most have chose to be wealthy or successful. I've gave countless other programs a lot of time, money and effort as well to only end up scammed in the end. Somehow I don't feel I found this platform, it feels by some divine way it found me.!
Dale123 Premium
"Somehow I don't feel I found this platform, it feels by some divine way it found me" - I know exactly what you mean! Have a great weekend :)
Hi dale. Just a quick thing, I've only been able to watch 2 learning videos so far. you mentioned in an article how you were an electrician before you properly converted. When you were doing both did the affiliate income class as a 2nd job? just wondering about the tax side of things. Many thanks, Ben
Dale123 Premium
Yes your earnings will be subject to the tax laws of your country but it's pretty simple, once you start earning just reach out to an accountant - tell them about, they'll handle it all on your behalf.
Ok cheers buddy.
Dale123 Premium
You're welcome :)
Hi Dale, I'm so happy and glad to know you. I've join a few on-line affialiate program such as Stay at home mum, Tube sniper, Paid social media jobs, App coiner but all gone to the drain. Totally scam no guide or follow up what so ever from them. I hope this will be the turning point of my life. I hope you be my life savere and I love to get to know you much better. Got to go now Dale. See you than. Bye
Dale123 Premium
At last you have landed in the right place, here at Wealthy Affiliate. Providing you follow the training here I know you will find success for sure :) thanks for the message.
Caerwen Premium
Hi Dale :)
Just touching base and saying thank you for the links which guided me to WA. I found you doing research on something else, another system, as I was trying to identify if I had fallen into a scam. Your write up convinced me of two things:
1 I had not fallen into a scam
2 I wanted to know more about you and the system which was working for you. You inspired me, in other words.
Now hoping I can learn and grow here too.