Nifty Secret For Finding Great Content Ideas

Last Update: November 02, 2015

So, if you read any of my previous posts you will know that Donna loves the idea of cheating whenever possible. Just my nature I guess or maybe just smart? Not sure but someone told me about a way to make the process of getting great content a little easier so I am sharing with you.

Now do not get me wrong. I am a researcher by nature. I was a paralegal/legal secretary for 14 years so I am used to research. I have no problem cracking open books or getting online and going to a ton of websites to research a topic. But why recreate the wheel? When you are interested in a topic but get a mental block it is helpful to sometimes cheat. Yes. I said it. Cheat. I did NOT say plagiarize or steal. I just said cheat. Cheat to grab ideas for your own content. Cheat to grab topics that are already researched.

I will show you what I mean:

Ok so my first WA website is a juicing website and even though I know a LOT about the subject, I have lots of times when I need more direction (like right now since I am reworking my overall site menu). So I found out about a little secret.

I go over to Amazon. Hey – let’s do this TOGETHER. Open another tab on your browser and go to I am going to type in JUICING FOR HEALTH in the search bar because that is basically what my website is talking about. You type it in too. Did it?Ok. See the list of books that came up? Some really cool books. But better than just COOL they are books that are best sellers. How do I know that? Because they show up first in the list AND I look at how many reviews are showing.Most have more than 100 reviews so I would say that book is kind of popular.

Now, here is the interesting part. You can buy the book for little or nothing and read through it to get some ideas. I need some ideas on juicing like now so I can finalize my website menu and finalize what I will talk about on my website. I have to give value to my readers right? I need more content right? So I need to READ and figure out how I want to present the information.

So I purchased the book called JUICING FOR HEALTH – Here is the important part – I purchased the KINDLE EDITION. I then paid attention to what Amazon was showing me as I checked out because I wanted to get Amazon’s free Kindle reader, the Kindle app, or the Kindle Cloud. I chose the Kindle Cloud. FREE! I like free! And I LOVE it! Two seconds later and VOILA the book is right before my eyes and I am reading for ideas!

Interestingly, there are quite a few books listed that say $0.00 price! So if you have a reader or you sign up for the Kindle Unlimited for $10 a year, you can view these books sometimes at no cost. The lowest Kindle cost I saw was $2.99 and like I said, I saw quite a few books at .00 if you have the Kindle Unlimited. If you look at that book called JUICING FOR HEALTH you will see what I am talking about.It is available on Kindle Unlimited for $0.00.I simply paid the $2.99 and it went to the Kindle Cloud.

Anyway, this is a great way to find info that is ALREADY RESEARCHED FOR YOU to help you round out your content. Heck, now that I know this method, it actually excites me. I know that when I take the time to read about my topic - eventually, I will have a TON of my own content to write about and present in my own way on my website.

I hope this technique helps someone.It can be used with virtually any topic you can think of….

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ArmandDouyon Premium
Hey, great idea! I'm definitely going to use it...Thanks!
Ericabried Premium
Like you said, why reinvent the wheel. I use similar techniques to fuel up my tank.
dagrinsonis Premium
bronco549 Premium
Here is a cheat that I use. I find a review of what I am writing a review on and copy and paste and then I rewrite the whole thing in my own words. I delete the old review as I go along. I use it mainly for ideas. I read several reviews to find the one that works for me. Is that cheating? I think it is, but it works. LOL
dagrinsonis Premium
Excellent Jim. I pretty much use that technique as well. I also like looking at several reviews to see if I like a particular format or way of arranging my review. I also copy info into my working document and rewrite totally in my own words. I usually find something I don't like about other folks' reviews so this method can also help you develop strong opinions on things.
ibmountain Premium
Love it!
GreatTimes52 Premium
Wow that's digging! You would make a great investigator.