Making Progress When You Are Busy

Last Update: October 08, 2015

Hi WA family! Donna here. Up again at 6:30 a.m. trying to get a couple items done to progress with my WA website and training.

I have been a little annoyed this week because my oldest son and his fiancé’ are getting married Friday and I keep having to spend time shopping, preparing their wedding gift, getting my hair done, etc., etc. and I WANT to do a lot of work on my website! Even as I write this, I am simmering the huge pot of spaghetti sauce for my spaghetti dish I am taking with me for the reception!

This morning, I woke up though, thinking of my WA family and realizing how many of you are probably working other jobs, have a family to take care of, may have little kids under foot, could have a boss who wants you to work yet MORE overtime, may have other responsibilities and all types of things trying to steal your attention from moving forward in learning and making progress with your website.

If this describes you then you want to resolve RIGHT NOW, that no matter what else is going on that you will commit to making progress EVERY DAY on your WA learning and working on your website.

Even if you only spend 30 minutes each and every day, in 6 months time, you will look back and will have learned A TON about running your own online business. You will have a real, professional website built and you will be well on your way to creating the extra 24-hour-a-day income that you have dreamed about.

So this week, as I have a TO DO LIST a mile long, I get up a little earlier, I pause the TV a little more than usual, I don’t get on the telephone quite as much to shoot the breeze with my family and friends, and I make use of any extra time to MAKE SURE I am working on SOMETHING related to my website EVERY SINGLE DAY COME HELL OR HIGH WATER.

Why? Because I am building a real business that will keep growing over time. This is not some get rich quick scheme here. I am building a website and blog that people will come to appreciate. I will have lots of valuable content and my readers will come in from all over the world looking to read what I have to say. I SEE this in my mind (as you have to do) and so I know I had better get busy right now.

So don’t let ANYTHING distract you from progressing toward achieving your goals with your website. Do a little every day and on days when you DO have a lot more time, resolve to marathon things and get a LOT done. That way, you do not get behind and you will continue to progress at a rapid rate no matter what else is going on in your life.

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GeorgeEkman Premium
Good advice thank you
musicns Premium
Awesome! I'm with you100% I talked about a schedule in my last blog. I have been working hard to make time for my business and family. I get up every morning super early and have found myself up way later then I should be just to get work done. The bonus is I enjoy it and the time disappears.

We just need to make sure our family stays on top. For me, their the reason I have started this journey!

Good luck and Congrats to your Son! I bet the wedding will be beautiful!
dagrinsonis Premium
Wow. I see you are already dedicated. Keep it up. And yes I hope the wedding turns out great. I wish you the best!