Why Online Shopping Will Ultimately Surpass In-Store Shopping?

Last Update: January 07, 2018

Clearly, when there is 96% of the American people with access to the Internet, there is no doubt they have bought a product or service at least one time online according a study.

Did you know that online shopping has become equally just as favored than shopping in-store?

Did you know that more than 50% of the American people favor shopping online over in-store shopping?

Not only that but also online sales increased 10.5% from 2016 to 2017, according to the National Retail Federation (NRF).

Also, broken down by demographics, it’s the younger generations who are the driving force of online shopping. And instead of buying in-store, they favor searching and buying on ecommerce sites!

Now, for online shoppers as whole, there is one factor they all have in common when it comes to shopping online, that is, they all are influenced by the fact that it is much more convenient, compared to the traditional way.

I agree with this. I have gotten on my laptop and shopped online because it’s much faster than getting in my car to drive to a physical store location.

Why drive, when I have the convenience of shopping from home. You also usually pay less for the product you are buying online vs buying it in-store, at least that has been experience.

Not only that but also you save gas, mileage, no waiting in lines as you would compared to shopping in-store. Sometimes you must deal with crowds, finding a parking space, and you might get to the store and they do not have what you were looking to buy or the size you need ☹. Been there before!

Those are some of the advantages and disadvantages that comes with choosing to shop online and shopping in-store. Therefore, because of these reasons, my preferred choice nearly every time is shopping online; unless, I’m already out and about.

So, considering these major points, advantages, and disadvantages of online shopping, I believe online shopping will ultimately phase out in-store shopping by a long shot in the future.

As we can see at this point, more and more Americans are choosing to shop online because first and foremost, it is more of a convenience compared to in-store shopping, which is the results of statistics. We shall see as time evolves.

Hope you all enjoyed the read. Please leave your comments or thoughts regarding this topic. I do welcome them.

All the best,


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Flash4 Premium
Hi D-Ann,
You could be right, however as you guessed the young ones will take to on-line shopping with relish, but the older crew will always like to "try it on" feel the fabric, open and shut the doors, smell the fragrance and returns are done quickly.
There is room for both ways of purchase, and in the future I would like to promote local stores.
Cheers Jae
D-AnnTaylor Premium
Hello Jae,
I acknowledge your perspective, which is true. However, around 56% of shoppers whose age fall in the category of 18 to 24, purchase online without actually seeing, touching, or feeling items.

Many of the younger consumers utilize the web to conduct research on their products of interest, including read reviews prior to making their online purchase. Which indicates they clearly trust the opinions of the consumers.

In contrast, about 70% of older consumers, who fall in the age range of 65 and up, prefer the old-fashion method of shopping, that is, to visit a physical store location so they can touch and see, as well as feel the product prior to making an online order. And only 1 in 10 will purchase online.

This I understand because they are not from the technology era of utilizing their cell phones, Laptops, Notebooks, iPads, etc. to shop, instead they are from that era where they have become accustom to driving to the location of a physical store to see, feel, and touch the products before they buy.

However, I believe this will change because as technology continues to evolve the younger generations who are now onboard with buying online by utilizing the various electronic devices and those generations to follow, will continue to evolve with the latest and greatest of what technology will continue to bring the consumer world, because that’s what they will become accustom to.

I don’t disagree that in-store purchases as well as online purchasing will both remain viable options for the consumers, but I believe as time evolves, online purchasing will become the preferred choice for most consumers because of their purchasing preference, which they will become accustom to over time. We are people of habit.

Thank you for your comment.

sheikave Premium
Exposure you have full control over it conpared to traditional methods.
D-AnnTaylor Premium
Sheikave, you are definitely right! Couldn't agree with you more. Thank you for your comment.