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Hello WA Community, I'm sharing the completion of the Online Entrepreneur Certification - Level 5 I've finally completed, YAY!!! Time to focus on something else. Perhaps Go Getters Training...we shall see.Any whooo, thanks to everyone who have been supportive throughout this process, which entailed asking questions to receive an answer to something I was stuck on during the process of this training to other issues that arised along the way. So, thank you to all; especially my friend Yvette who
Hello my Wealthy Affiliate family,Hope all is doing well and in good spirits. I just want to share I earned a dedication badge for 6 months of staying with the program/community, learning the skills needed to make my website a success, and sharing of information and knowledge as I continue to grow and learn more.Thank you Wealthy Affiliate, you are the best!! I appreciate you all.Deborah
Clearly, when there is 96% of the American people with access to the Internet, there is no doubt they have bought a product or service at least one time online according a study.Did you know that online shopping has become equally just as favored than shopping in-store? Did you know that more than 50% of the American people favor shopping online over in-store shopping? Not only that but also online sales increased 10.5% from 2016 to 2017, according to the National Retail Federation (NRF).
Hello WA,I just completed the Certification Course for Level 3 of the training, YAY! Three (3) down and two (2) more to go! Slow progress for me with so many other things going on outside of WA but I rather go slow than rush through it or skip through sections of the lessons and not complete each course in its entirety. I shall continue onward to lesson four (4)!Thank you, D-Ann Taylor
Hello WA Community,Just want to share I just completed my certification for level 2 training. Ah yes, I'm gettig closer to the end. I feel like it's taking me forever but I have other personal activities going I didn't anticipate that is taking away from the time I planned to spend working on training and my website. No worries though because what I'm doing I know will be blessed for it later on down the road :-). Not only that but I would rather take my training slow instead of not doing it at
Hello my Wealthy Affiliate family. I hope everyone’s day has been great. Well, I’m going to share a few accomplishments I believe are successes, since beginning my journey with the Wealthy Affiliate community, which was in August of this year. First off, the niche I selected to work with is baby monitors. To date, I completed building my first website on September 02, 2017. From that point I started working on writing content for my website, which resulted in publishing my first a
September 20, 2017
OMG!!!! I logged into WA yesterday and to my surprise, found out Google indexed my website. YAY, I am so happy. What a blessing and major accomplishment. Thank you my WA family for guiding and leading me to this point, thus far! The journey continues for the next goal of achievement, that is, getting my website ranked! More work to do, my baby is not totally complete.#LetsWorkThank you,Deborah
I just wanted to share with my Wealthy Affiliate Family, I finally published my first official article to my website, YES! I can move on with my training. I ran into a few challenges over the weekend that had me off task but I am back on it! #LetsWorkDeborah
Setting goals is a process I have found to be quite effective in terms of thinking about my future as well as for stimulating myself to make my perception a reality. Initially, the first thing I do is think about what I want to achieve, then I make a commitment to myself to follow through on it. I also make sure the goals I am setting are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, & Time-bound (SMART). I write my goals down on paper, which makes them more realistic and post them some in
Have anyone ever said to you, "That's not for you or you cannot do something, that's over your head?" I experienced this situation a number of times but the insane thing about it is I was never given the opportunity to even try....So, the thought that surfaced in my brain to that statement was, "How would you know what I can do if I have not made any attempt to do it or even been given the opportunity?" I don't know about you but when someone tell me I cannot do something, you better believe I