Setting Personal Goals, Have You Set Any?

Last Update: September 14, 2017

Setting goals is a process I have found to be quite effective in terms of thinking about my future as well as for stimulating myself to make my perception a reality. Initially, the first thing I do is think about what I want to achieve, then I make a commitment to myself to follow through on it.

I also make sure the goals I am setting are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, & Time-bound (SMART). I write my goals down on paper, which makes them more realistic and post them some in an area where I can see and read them daily. This is a reminder to me of my commitment I must achieve.

Some may say, “Why do I need to set goals?”

Well, for one thing business people who are successful set goals. After all, isn’t this is what Wealthy Affiliate is grooming here --- successful business people!

Not only that but also setting goals gives you motivation, assist you with time-management, it helps you measure, including take honor in achieving your goals and you will see advancement in what perhaps previously seemed as something meaningless.

Setting goals also elevates your self-confidence level, as you identify your own skills and ability to attain the goals you set.

Definition of Short-term Goals and Long-term Goals:

  • Short-term goal is something you can achieve within a day up to 12 months.
  • Long-term goal is something that takes at least a year or more to do to achieve.

Do include additional time within your goal time-frame to allow for room of unexpected events we all experience from time to time, in regards to achieving each goal.

Work hard as you strive to accomplish your goals, mark each one off as you achieve them, and reward yourself for each goal you achieve.

Let’s work!


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D-AnnTaylor Premium
Sanket that is a great short-term goal that is attainable. Learning and conducting thorough research in regards to your niche is very important. After all, how can you market something if you have no knowledge about the product or service :-).

Much and continued success to you.

sanketnaik Premium
Thank you for your encouragement, i am in course 5 of certification course, and i will begin as soon as i complete it.
D-AnnTaylor Premium
Sanket, that is great. You are almost complete with training. I am getting there but it is a challenge when you work full-time and get home after 6:00 pm daily and sometimes later.

Then I have to cook for my teenage daughter who is eating like there is no tomorrow...Lol. Not to mention I have to discuss her day at school, including school activities to ensure everything is going good with her classes and school in general.

Not only that but I have to prepare for the next work day. The responsibilities of a single a parent, ahh...but that's ok. I will go through my training, it is just a matter of time. I spend a great deal of time on over the weekends when I am off from work.

I am hoping in the near future I can retire from current job and focus on market affiliate full-time. That is my plan and long-term goal!

Anyway, I am so happy for you. I know you are going to be successful :-). Set those goals and go tor them and don't stop until you achieve each one.

Chat with you later. Stay in touch.

sanketnaik Premium
My simple short term goal is to write articles in my niche from a to z. I mean i will learn about my niche while researching and become thorough , and at the same time write blogs on that research. Its a one stop solution for anyone looking to learn about Tv and smart tv in general