My Six Month Report

Last Update: January 17, 2019

Hello, WA friends! I'm back after a short break. The first six months at WA were a little overwhelming, and I needed time to regroup. Webbuilding is only one of my hats and I had this compelling desire to get a book out of my head! Thoughts rambling around in my brain, pounding, wanting out on paper, I can only ignore them so long.

It took about two minutes to get back in the swing of things. The first post I read was "I made $12,000 last month!" Wow, how encouraging is that! The can-do attitude here says if he can do it, so can I. There is no reason why we all cannot be successful at WA.

What is this magic that flows through WA? How can reading a single blog, or studying a few lessons, feel like a shot of adrenaline? I think it is the general feeling of success in the community, and the friendliness of everyone.

If you want to be successful, hang around successful people. WA is certainly the right place for that!

The last six months at WA were full of starts, stops and hesitations. But while I was taking a break, I had a brainstorm about a niche that I think will work. And then I found the following inspiration from Kyle:

So here you go, from our fearless leader himself. It is possible to make money online, you just have to put in the work. According to the table, by month 3, you should be posting at least 10 posts a month to your site. That's 2-1/2 posts a week.

Well, when you break it down it like this, it is a pretty easy goal. To write a blog from start to finish, finding pictures, researching keywords, and writing itself, takes about 4 hours. So, 10 hours a week makes 10 posts a month.

This is a good way to schedule your time so you don't feel so frantic about getting blogs out.

For those of you who are struggling to get your sites up, having trouble finding the right niche, or wondering when you site will start paying: Never give up! Quitters never reach their goals. Hang tough through the rough times and one day the pendulum will swing in your favor.

Blog on, my friends!

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Cav1966 Premium
I just love visuals especially shen money is involved ☺
Glad to see your mentioned getting a book out of your head does that mean you finished your book??
cwpickett Premium
Yes, it is finished but its not ready for publishing yet. Just letting it sit until for a bit.
NnurseBecca Premium
This is a grand way to organize your work:)
Nurse Becca
FKelso Premium
Glad you are back in WA. Hope you have a good journey, and meet your goals.
cwpickett Premium
Thanks. Glad to be back.
porrasgelija Premium
Thank you for sharing and welcome back
cwpickett Premium
Thanks, good to be back.
AshleyNault Premium
Thank you for this post. Very informative and helpful. It gave me a good visual on what I can make and how to get there. Cheers to success my friend!
cwpickett Premium
Success to you too. I'm glad the chart helps.