You Are So Worth It!

Last Update: November 02, 2017

You Are So Worth It!

Have you ever thought to yourself that you were a work in progress? Have you ever just felt like you were not measuring up when you constantly pushed yourself to improve? Unfortunately for many people, this is their reality. But don’t fret because research has shown that this may be one of the most common causes of weight gain and emotional eating disorders.

I am known among my peers as a real motivator. One might say that I am my clients biggest cheerleader in my coaching business, some even refer to me as a real guru when it comes to self-improvement and the like.

Unfortunately there are so many people that actually suffer from lack of self-esteem. And this is an issue that we need to find freedom from, from the belief that we are imperfect.

Now of course I have to say that we all have room to grow and to develop because none of us are perfect; and we just need to get beyond all of that and embrace and accept the fact that we are all unique and beautiful human beings.

There is no one exactly like us on this earth and there never will be. Now for some of us that is a real blessing. But, once we accept this for ourselves, we can then look for the ways to make the good in us just that much better. Without this perspective however, we will constantly strive to find some self-acceptance and won’t move much beyond this point in our life. And that would be a travesty. For we are so very worth it.

But the fact that you are here in Wealthy Affiliate and you have begun or are progressing along with building a successful online business then you are on the right track.

There is an old African proverb that reminds us that if we don’t have any enemies inside us, then no external enemies can cause us harm or hurt. And that is so very true now isn’t it? If we don’t have the demons within us then how can the demons on the outside tear us down, if we simply refuse to accept their critique or criticism?

That being said I need to ask you, “Have you ever noticed when things are going well on the inside, when you are feeling secure and happy with your life, that the little things that go wrong in your life don’t seem to matter as much, they don’t seem to be quite so bad?” But, on the other hand when you are feeling bad about yourself, then the things are so much different. The whole world seems to take on a much darker feeling and it’s more difficult to cope when things are not going right?

But as you watch your sites get indexed and then subsequently ranked, and you begin to realize the fruits of your labors in the form of commissions etc. you have to get that warm and fuzzy feeling deep down inside.

I am a pretty positive type personality, and have always embraced myself but for some learning to love them self and to appreciate the uniqueness that is them. This is also often the first stage of learning how to control your weight, to feeling more confident in studying or changing careers, or learning a new hobby.

In our lives we often procrastinate involving certain things, and we do so for our own benefit or so we think, but not procrastinating often leads us to enrichment. Yet how many of us put the things off that we know we should do? And why do we put them off? Perhaps, because deep down inside we don’t think we are good enough or worthy enough to do these things for ourselves. But that simply is not true because we are worth it, worth the effort. And simply completing that dreaded task in itself will allow us to feel so much better about ourself.

So when that voice inside of you starts to challenge you, telling you that you can’t do this or that because of. Simply turn a deaf ear to the Yah-Buts. Challenge those thoughts and challenge yourself starting tomorrow - Choose one thing that you desire to do for you. - Because why? Because you are worth it!

Most people unfortunately have to battle the self-talk and rarely say anything nice about themselves. So why not try looking in your mirror when you wake up in the morning and tell your reflection what you would tell your best friend... You are worth it!

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Labman Premium Plus
I don't need to tell myself that in the mirror. Too busy. But I have made the mindset change.
cwelliver Premium
Changing one's mind is the first step in changing their reality so you are well on your way.