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Last Update: December 03, 2014

Hello all,

I just wanted to share what has been a learning experience for me. I have been the Wealthy Affiliate for almost 3 months, and I have learned more during this short time about starting an online business, than I have in years of trail and error. But I think the biggest lesson for me was understanding and dealing with the criticism and opinions of others. During my years as a military service member, you realize quickly that you kept your comments and opinions to yourself, not only to avoid a reprimand from your superiors, but also to maintain unit cohesion. Now that I am retired, it has been a bumpy road to deal with criticism, especially personally. Don't get me wrong, some things you need to hear to be able to grow and succeed, but I also know that some criticism stems from jealousy and envy. But I am overcoming it, developing what is needed to handle opinions as an entrepreneur. Please understand that I am especially not referring to the comments and feedback left on Wealthy Affiliate, but the comments of family, friends, strangers who seem to want to deter me from my goals and dreams.

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VickiB Premium
There will always be negative people who have an opinion on everything. Just get on with what you do hopefully as time goes on they will see your success and want a piece for themselves then you can introduce them to WA and get a commission! Wouldn't that be sweet?
mwilly Premium
Kill them with kindness, then become highly successful. Watch them want to follow you then.
Rochelle1 Premium
Got you! One of the basic coaching skills that they taught me was: You need to surround yourself with like minded people, because the ones that are trying to bring you down (unfortunately some of those are family members) are the people who's world you have turned upside down. Because now they have to get busy and do something with their lives. Don't worry, you will be fine!