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Hello Everyone,I recently got the emails below.1. " Hello, I came across your site from the search engines and wanted to know if I could pay you to post an article to your website. Reply back with your price and any other requirements."2. " I know you’re swamped, so I’ll be brief. I am reaching out to you on the behalf of Coffeforus, a blog I write for. I'm writing to you because I'm interested in contributing a guest post or a sponsored post on your site.If you are interested in g
Hello everyone,My Amazon niche site suddenly has no ordered item for consecutive 9 days. Compared a month before. Will the situation is a bit abnormal?My traffic mainly come from the USA.I have ask Amazon that say my account is open and active and can't see any problem.Has anyone experienced this?What is your longest period that doesn't get any sales?Thank you so much.CT
I see many Amazon niche sites come with a comparison table. In the same time, many Amazon niche sites don't have.The more plugin you install, the slower your website. I'm considering to add the table in my site for a long time. But I really worry about the performance.What's your opinion? Is the comparison table really important in Amazon niche sites?Do you use it on your site?Any plug-in you recommend that will useful and helpful for Amazon niche sites?Please share your experience with all of
Hello everyone,This time is the third time rejected by Amazon. Actually, I'm very calm because I believe the accumulated failure will result in success in the future.The more failure I have now, the strongest I am in the future. The reason this time is "promotes support through the use of your links".I have asked Amazon. They give me one of my posts that I violated this rule. But, inside the post, I didn't ask any people to click the link or click the button.The most suspicious is I make some l
In the beginning, I don't plan to display ads in my website. I think my website has so little traffic. My application to Google should be rejected.Therefore, in this half more year, I don't want do this, I'm lazy to do this, I refuse to do this.But, after reading the post.Should you use Display Ads on your niche site?One sentence inside the post inspire me. I have changed my mind.Yes, go for it! I recommend Google AdSense in early days of your siteThank you DomW. Other than the affiliate progra
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I have joined WA more than half year. I read a lot of post and training related to keyword and long tail keyword. I think I uderstand all. But, I am wrong.Today, I study the following posts again. Online Entrepreneur Certification Level 1 - Getting Started Understanding Keywords, The Start of Your ContentRule #1: More than 30 monthly searches. You want your far left "Avg" column to ideally be greater than 30. Sometimes it is OK to go with a search volume less than this, but over 30 searches per
I heard many people say website need an appropriate landing page. The landing page can boost conversion.In WA training, Kyle only teaches us to use blog roll to our website. Is it mean our website can achieve big success even without the landing page?Is landing page really make good conversion?As I know, most of the free template provide blog roll only. If you need to create a useful landing page, you need to buy the premium version of the theme or use the plugin like "Elementor Page Builder".B
I remember in the WA training. Kyle always mentions the words "authority site. What we learn is to create an authority site. It says if our site can become an authority site, it can earn a large amount of money.But, what constitutes an "authority site"?Of course, quality content is a must."Content is king" is always right. It firmly exists in my mind. No one is willing to see rubbish. It's common sense. Will you?My questions are....What is the minimum number of post to be an "authority site"?Do
Last night, I received this email. I was shocked at once. What a super super frustrated moment at that time. The time seems stop when I see the words “we have closed the account”.It just likes the end of the world.I know I indeed violate the rule, the obvious one is the images. I sometimes didn't use the SiteStripe as the image always is not available there so I crop the image by myself.The other reason I do that because I see many many websites use their own product image that is e