Privacy Policy with Generate Press theme issues

Last Update: May 29, 2020

Hello to all this wonderful Friday night. I need your assistance. I am making a brand new website, new niche, with the theme of Generate Press. I published my About Me Post with no problem, but when I published the Privacy Policy, it didn't give all the information that the template showed, just the headings. Is this something that I am going to need to do myself or is something wrong with this theme. Your help is much appreciated. I tried the search bar first but couldn't find what I needed to know.


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ELangley1 Premium
Thanks for the question. I have just changed my Theme to Generate Press, so I will be interested in following your responses.
DBeals Premium
There is a setting and I cannot think where it is right off without checking my site, but it allows you to show the whole document or just a few lines of the document. It looks likeyou are set to show a few lines. . Hope this helps, nothing wrong - it is just in the settings and can be changed.
CStauber Premium
Ok I went over everything a second time after reviewing Kyle's training video and I did everything according to what he instructed. I don't understand this. If Generate Press is not going to allow the use of the Privacy Policy Template, why didn't Kyle state this in the training? I am thoroughly frustrated, so I am going to call it quits for the night and tackle this tomorrow.