When life deals you lemons, you just make lemonade

Last Update: Dec 9, 2017


Today has been one of the first days in my month here on WA that I have not been very motivated to work on my site. I had an article. I had an article idea all lined up, but my motivation is just not there.

Been a rough few weeks for me. Been unemployed for several months and trying to change my career direction to top it all off. Went on an interview today that went well, but I still left feeling defeated, which is the cause of my motivation block. My cat has been to the vet twice in the past week, and he is finally feeling better so that is another obstacle out of the way.

Although I am not motivated to write my own article, I do enjoy commenting and helping others in WA and figured that is the best way to spend my night. After that, I am going to clear my head by making some music. I found it funny the other day that my site is about synthesizer and I have spent more time writing about them then I have playing them.

Tomorrow is another day. With the snow coming my way tonight, tomorrow will be a great day to start writing my article. Although my motivation isn't here right now, I cannot let a bad day defeat me from reaching my goals. I will move on looking at today in my rear view mirror and keep moving forward.


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Sorry you're having a rough day. We all go through them. Wishing you much success here in WA and all you do!


I put that day behind me and had a great writing day yesterday. Moving on and putting that day in my rear view mirror! Thanks!

I feel like that sometimes too. I have great ideas, but I can't start developing them. It makes me very frustrated.

I discovered something that worked for me. I leave my computer and go watch a movie on the tv (and others not related to my laptop). And in the course of enjoying my movie ideas just start rushing in. hahaha.

I guess from time to time our brains need to withdraw from our computer for a short break.

I needed the break yesterday. Sometimes there is a part of me that feels I have to keep working on my site so it can succeed. But Rome wasn't built overnight and eventually you just need a break. It was much needed, if only for a night, to help me get my thoughts back in place.

Oh Chris... There are always days like this. And the days are just the symptom of many moments finally adding up.

But you've also observed something valuable on this flat-feeling day: that you have been away from something that brings you great joy.

I think we have to seriously schedule our moments of joy, and deliberately seek them out, in the same way we schedule time for work. It's part of what makes us whole and well as humans.

Very true. If I do not allow myself a break to have some fun for myself, I knew this moment would happen eventually. Got to take my mind off things last night and now I am back on track. Starting a bit early today to get some ideas out.

It will all be ok the struggles we go through is what gives us the determination to keep going it keeps us on our toes. When you feel like this you should take a break. Go for a walk do something that makes you happy. Sometimes you just need to smile to change your day

I have been so focused about writing about music that I have not even broke out my own gear in a while to play! Taking some time tonight to play some music and get my head off of everything. Need to take that step back to take a step forward tomorrow.

You doing great, hold on and you shall succeed! Life is a living experience, you will grow out of where you are now.

Thanks for the positive words. I usually never let anything get to me, but today really did. After decompressing I will be back in the game tomorrow. I am gaining momentum on my site and do not want to fall behind.

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