Small Hiatus

Last Update: December 23, 2017

Hello WA community!

Well I was off on a little hiatus last week. Actually, I started my new job and even though the hours are your basic 9-5, I was so tired when I got home that I did not have the energy to go online and work on my sites. Such a bummer, but I am starting to get used to my hours and getting back into the workforce after a 5-month unemployment stint.

However, I have some good stuff in the works as I have started my new site that is currently a siterubix site, but I am looking to buy a domain soon. Can't wait to get that up and running. Started it the day before I began working again, so that was placed on the shelf for a week. Looking to spend time this weekend and on my break to get some content going.

But my main site,, needs some more love today. I was a bit surprised at the results I had this week and can really attest to the power of social media. So the only time I went onto my site all week was to answer some comments. Really did not take a look at anything else.

So today I wanted to check out my Google Analytics to see what went on this past week. I had a huge amount of traffic in the beginning of the week. Actually more than I ever had. I dug in to see where this spike came from and it was from a forum of a synth company that I just did a product review for.

So I did some digging and saw that a forum member posted my product review link saying he couldn't agree more with my review. So great to see that! So I chimed in thanking him for the post.

But the news didn't stop there.

I went to Twitter and found that is where he spotted my article. Great to see that he spread the news into the forum. Not only that but the company that made the synth I review also liked and retweeted my post! Felt really great to see that.

Gives me a great push today to continue with another post for my site. It's a slow build but I love seeing that feedback. Now I am back in business and ready to follow my goal that I have set for myself. My first work week at my new job is done and I am feeling more energy now.

Time to get back to work!

All the best!


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Kav Premium
Well deserved break.
cstarz Premium
Needed it. Had to get my head around the changes being made and get used to everything. Mentally I am now back in the game!
MKearns Premium
Brief breaks lead to high creativities and accomplishments!