Day 4 of 7 - Time Managment

Last Update: Dec 14, 2017


Since I have started Wealthy Affiliate, I have been unemployed and looking for work. I must admit that I probably spent more time on here and developing my site then I did on my job hunt.

However, the clock has been ticking and I needed to find work quick. I stuck to my guns not wanting to have a retail job again, and just yesterday accepted an accounting internship that I start on Monday. Very excited about that, and while some may disagree, I have been looking forward to having a 9-5 job with weekends off. I was just done with having the unpredictable schedule of a retail manager.

Time Management

Balancing my time when I was unemployed was pretty easy for me. I would wake up and inject myself with copious amounts of coffee and then watch some clips of Late Night with Stephen Colbert to have a morning laugh. Then I would spend and hour or two weeding through the job pool trying to find jobs I haven't already applied to.

Then off to Wealthy Affiliate! I would go through any messages and respond to any questions. Then go off to Jaaxy or (the former) Keyword Tool to get some writing ideas. Then I would plan my writing day, while taking some breaks to eat. I had all the time in the world!

Now with my job starting Monday, I need to develop a plan so I can split time for my job and time spent here at WA and on my website. Worked too hard to let that slip by. And ultimately, I want my website(s) to grow into my full time career.

What's The Plan Captain

So what is my plan for time management? I actually don't know. Just shooting from the hip here as I try to refine it. So I ultimately want to come up with some writing goals, which are as follows:

  • 3 articles a week on Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  • 1 product review on Saturday (Since I am off and this requires more research)
  • Tuesday and Thursday will write if there are breaking news stories
  • Each evening do a 15-20 social media engagement across my platforms
This is a rough outline and would like to stick with something like this. Of course I will have to see what my first work day brings. But I am so excited about that so I don't think it will drain my energy levels. Mentally, not so sure!

Community Ideas?

I am curious to hear how everyone spends their time between work and their dedication to their online success. Just want to see what works well for others and maybe something that I can do to help me stay focused. Like anything, I need to have a plan in place and want to get an idea before I start on the 18th. Better to be prepared! Let me know your time management plans!

All the best!


Recent Comments


Chris!! So, cool! The clarity of your mind, is just coming through...Here's the situation...where are the possibilities!? Being, able to work, and like that!! And have marvelous, creative outlet, too!! World's your oyster!!
Old retirees, have had the job...needed for family securities!
You, rock, and BTW...mouse for copy and paste!! Got it right from site content, to, blog...Thanks, for turning me, on to that...Buffet style training...Guilty, as charged!!

I saw that Kyle responded to your inquiry about SiteContent and copy and paste! I did that with today's post. Did not even think about that and you can mark it as published without it going to a website. So cool!!!

I think it's important to have a daily and weekly structure of how we use our time. I am semi-retired and will try to do 6 hours a day on my internet business

I am an early riser and do about four hours in the morning. I take an energy break, then off to the gym or meet up with some friends

I spend quality time with my partner during the day

I Complete the remaining two hours between 6- 8 pm

I try not work on my website over the weekend - If I do it will be preparing keywords for my post. This works for me.

Incidentally, Your time management is encouraging and wish you every success in the future

Regards Richard

I want to be prepared because right now I have all the time in the world! Even though I was unemployed for a while, I still wake up around 7:30AM so I can go over emails and hop on WA. After coffee of course.

Now that I have the job, I have to figure out how to manage both efficiently. I don't want to lose ground on what I have created so far.

I have tried to keep the weekends free from the website, but that may be the day I do reviews from now on as they take the most time. Articles aren't so bad for me.

I guess I will see how this schedule works out once I start my first week. Then I will have a better idea, but always good to have a plan in place!

You have it laid out very well Chris!

I just want to have a plan to prepare myself. I know it may be a challenge at first but if I stick to a plan I can balance both priorities well.

He's rockin' Mike!!

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