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Last Update: Dec 10, 2017


Just want to preface this by saying my "s" key is broke on the laptop I am using now and pasting each "s" in so don't mind the missing capital s's.

I often see many new members asking for advice on what their niche should be for their first website. We have all been there, having our creative gears turning while we think about what to focus on. And that is a great thing because it will really bring out your creativity. Based on the training I have taken over the past month, and the amount of content you need to write, there is one tip I just want to share when choosing your first niche.

Choose a niche that you are passionate about

I often reply just that when asked about choosing a niche. What are you passionate about? What topic can you talk to me about for hours? These are things that you should think about before choosing your first niche.

Do not think about what niche will make you "get rich quick". To me, there is no such thing, especially if you cannot write about it. When choosing my niche, I chose something I am passionate about and feel comfortable writing. It is not about making money for me yet, because if my content is compelling, then money will come.

Readers can sense your passion in your writing. They can tell you really know about your niche by your wealth of knowledge. This will help you build credibility among your readers and will build trust. Just from my retail background in sales, I know if a customer does not trust you they will not buy from you. But you will buy from someone that provides you with an unbiased opinion and understands your needs.

Narrow down your niche.

You will read about this in the training and this is very important. Narrow down your niche to target a specific audience. You don't want to pick a niche that is to broad, but focuses on a segment that you can target. For example, my cat just decided to lay next to me so I will use him as an example. say you want your niche to be cats. Type that into Google or Amazon and see how many results come up for that. Probably a lot! so let's narrow it down.

My cat has digestion issues lately and need to get him specific food. This is something I want to reearch more about now since it is very personal to me. so I could pick a niche such as "cat food for intestinal problems". That is much more specific then cats alone, and you will be helping others that may have a similar issue. Come to think of it that may be my next niche!

Finding your first niche is exciting. Just follow something you are passionate about. You will find out as you progress that content is key, and you do not want to find yourself in a writing rut later when you do not know what to write about. Think about what you talk to your friends and family about, or your hobbies. These can become great niches and down the line, a great business!


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Chris, I Loved the, simplicity, our training...Niche-group of people!
How, do you want to help, a ___(Group of people)???
WHEN , FIRST, BEGAN...I, thought, wanted to do orders for stained-glass!! Maybe, next site!

That's an amazing advice Chris. I remember when I was in my early phase here in WA, I had several stuff that I wanted to write... my main ideas seem endless but I struggled to choose because it seemed I can only write enough of a certain niche... I even thought of merging all of them, but it will be strange to have a mirage of ideas on just one site... I seem to have fallen to the "idea-renaline rush"... where too much ideas burst and I can't focus on one... hehehe... I paused... regrouped... and was patient... I guess that's the key... eventually, the ray of light came and I was able to narrow it down with niches I believe I can write endlessly... and there, my websites were born =) Thanks again Chris for these advices... definitely a must-read =)

Thank you so much JR! I have to say sometimes when I am passionate about something I get too many ideas. I use SiteContent as my sketchpad of sorts so I can create titles and headers and come back to them at a later time.

I love this post. I have come across many questions like this from new members. I hope they find this article useful.

Thanks! I felt compelled to write about that yesterday because I have been seeing this question a lot lately and want to make it easier for those just getting started. I was in that position a month ago and glad I made the decision to follow what I am passionate about because it helps me in my writing and providing both quantity and quality content.

Great post, Chris, especially using your cat as an example! You began to write with passion just with that example you shared and should definitely pursue that niche!

Which brings me to my next point, you are just proved that writing about something you're passionate about compels your reader and visitor to want to learn more! I read your post in its entirety! (I have 3 kitties and have centered them in a site!)

This post of yours has truly prepared your guests to learn the ways to choose a good niche that is personal to them.

I wish you all the best on your continued journey and I hope your cat feels better soon!

Great to connect and see you around!

Thanks! I feel bad for my poor cat and may use that example as my next niche. But yes being passionate about what you are writing about does come through and I think it will be easier for those just getting started to focus on writing about their passion.

When I chose my niche, it was because it is something I research and talk about to my friends daily. Is it a money maker? Not early on. I am glad I have made $2.39 in adsense clicks alone. But that was not my point. I wanted to make a site I was passionate about and could help others with my own experience.

I think this topic is important for people just getting started in WA, and it has helped me continue to write content 16 articles in. Plus my old sales manager experience comes into play. Just like when you go into a store and can judge a sales associate and if you want to given them your business, the same can be said when someone views a website. If I remember correctly the time was 6 seconds that a judgement can be made. That is not a lot of time!

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