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June 21, 2016
So, I've had my site up for about 9 months or so. I have some Amazon links and some Google ads running. I have been posting content as regularly as possible, which probably isn't enough to move quickly to retirement. That's ok with me, I'd rather do it right, even if it takes me longer. I've made about 20 bucks or so, nothing worth getting excited about, especially since I have gotten no payouts yet. LOL. Is this a bo hoo from me? Go dry your eyes and try again, Johnny? Nope! I had some thinkin
February 25, 2016
So, it's kind of funny, I was shopping around for some saw parts, minding my own business and all, when I happen across one of my articles from my website. No biggie, I am signed into Google, and I'm not falling for that trick again! Upon signing out the article was sitting on the same page, however! I'll take page two for something I didn't do any keyword research on! LOL.To me, it was an odd sensation to see my own work up there on the Google pages, especially since I wasn't out looking for i
February 01, 2016
I have been using, or trying to use, but it's been acting goofy lately. It keeps telling me to come back and try later because Google can't be bothered with my query. Or something to that effect! So, not to be bothered with doing it myself, I poked around on Google to find a new one to use.I found one that seems pretty good. It can filter thru Google, Bing, and Yahoo, your choice. (Aius is on the way too, it says) It's a bit clunky to navigate, but like I said,
December 26, 2015
This is very cool to me! I was going to check out the interwebs and see where some of my posts are landing on Google. I learned a trick on WA from, I believe, boomergp08 where you type your search word and switch to images. I didn't get that far because the first thing I saw was my own post in the second spot! Seriously! (I did get that far, my images start on the fourth row! Well, for the first post, didn't see them for the second post) Oh my, and to think the post has only been up for a
October 01, 2015
So, being new to the whole internet marketing gig this has been an interesting journey so far. At times I have felt that the progress I have made wasn't coming fast enough, or that I wasn't making any. Looking back, all the hurdles I jumped were not as big as they looked from the leading edge. In fact, I can remember having issues, but for the most part not what they were. I'd say 95% of the help I got was right here on Wealthy Affiliate.The biggest problem I have run into and thru... So much i
September 13, 2015
Hey everyone, just a quick shout. My site just got indexed in Google. I am quite ecstatic right now, that is one good feeling. It feels like I just got to the top of a mountain. I must have checked it a thousand times in the last week, and today, bam, indexed. Now to go back to work making more content and filling that sucker up. Thanks, everyone, for helping me on my way, it would not have been possible without this nice community support. Cheers, cass.