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I do. Why? Because it's an opportunity to see who referred them to Wealthy Affiliate. I always scroll down their profile, and most of the times I find Kyle's welcome message. But, there are also others members, in the same position.What do I do then? I check their profile, and if they have published a website, I read an article or two. I want to see what are they doing/writing in order to gain referrals.Do you welcome the new members? If you do, why?I appreciate your answer and I wish you succe
If you're a prospect for a website, and you're searching for a learning program, which incentive will convince you to sign in?a.) a free e-book;b.) a discount for the first month of training;c.) a coupon/gift certificate if you sign in that day.Please let me know what's important for you as a customer.Thank you for sharing your thoughts,Cristina
If you are a beginner, and you don't know how to add a page to the menu, I've created my first training: have created it because one of our members asked today how to add a page to the menu.I remember when I started, the training with pictures were helpful, so I want to contribute to this wonderful community.Cristina
"Success isn't just about what you accomplish in your life; it's about what you inspire others to do." I have a mission, to inspire the newest members of our community. Today, on my previous post, "Should Ambassadors quit?", maybe I have upset some friends. It wasn't my intention. I just wanted to be in the first position, on the first page of Google.And I did it! Also, I want to show my appreciation to Chuck, ( for helping me to do the above picture. He
I feel sorry when one of our Ambassadors quit.I saw RaeAnnePond leaving us, now, our dear Heather (freedom1207) wrote a farewell post.I understand that priorities change and our life path is going in a different direction, but, with so much exposure, an Ambassador should not be allowed to quit.What do you think?
Have you ever entered a shop to buy a pair of shoes and you discovered that the owner offers you only a few models?Your website is the shop, and your posts are the various types of shoes you offer for sale. If you don't have much to offer, do you think that the customer who entered your store will visit it again? I am sure they will not!Imagine now that you have a wide variety of models, colors, and sizes. Each one of your prospects/customers can find something for himself.The same thing happen
One of our members, Jim-bo, inspired me today with his post Salute to The Grammar Nazis.I saw an opportunity to help you if you want.I'm not an English native, so, I needed more confidence when I write something. I subscribed to the pro version of a proofreading tool, which, I'm sure cannot detect all the errors I make. But, this tool helped me, and I become much confident. I can write more and I'm pleased I can do it.I can offer you for free, checkings for your articles, if you guess it's your
I worked for a short period in a factory, in Ukraine. I met there a person who did the same job for 37 years. She was the lady who transported, up and down, with her elevator, all the people who needed to go from one floor to another.I remember Marcus1978's blog What are the best and worst jobs you've ever done? and I think I would become nuts doing the same thing for so many years.The Ukrainian lady didn't. In fact, she had an excellent mental health. Maybe she had kids, no husband and needed
I appreciate a lot you're reading this post because I want to share my excitement! :-)))))Earlier, I've written a post, here @ Wealthy Affiliate and now, it is on the first page of Google, see below:As you can see, it is in "incognito" mode!I know, many of you have done that, for me, it's my first success!Cristina
I would like to know how many plugins should I allow on my site and what's your experience with them.The pre-installed plugins I have are:All In One SEO PackExclude Pages From NavigationsWP SpamShieldand I added the following:Google Website TranslatorSocial Share ButtonsWP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click.On "Site Health" it is recommended to keep the number of plugins below 5 and I've read an article on Google where a subtitle stated that the record for the installed plugins on a s