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Last Update: November 07, 2019

(Updated 11/7/19 to include the banner notice!)

Last year, I had just gotten started at WA, and was diligently progressing through the OEC training to build out my niche site, so I missed this opportunity completely.

But, I SAW IT.

The Black Friday Opportunity Approaches!

Black Friday can be a huge opportunity for sales and commissions, for both niche sites and WA-promo sites.

If you start to prepare now, you can be ready to market Black Friday and cash-in on the biggest sales day of the year!

For Niche Sites

For those of you with niche sites that are already embedded with affiliate links, you can be thinking of ways to promote your content (that leads to your links) through your social media channels.

Black Friday is when people are LOOKING TO BUY!

So create those Pinterest Pins! Run those Facebook Ads! Do whatever it is you do to promote your site and products within.

For WA-PROMO Sites

If you've got a WA site already, then amping up your social media marketing can help you as well. But if not, don't feel entirely left out of the Black Friday opportunity!

Think about this...

Black Friday SiteRubix Site

Everyone has free SiteRubix sites here at WA. So if you have one you're not using yet, why not create a Black Friday specific sales site?

A couple of years ago, Loes actually created a post sharing this idea, and since I missed out on the opportunity last year, I added it to my goal sheet to build a Black Friday site for 2019.

And I have!!!

I have been busy this week writing my content and planning my marketing ideas, and my site is nearly ready!

It doesn't need to be a big site. Mine is simply a catchy Home Page, and an FAQ's page, with internal links and links to sign up for the Black Friday Sale. Of course, I have my Privacy Policy and Affiliate Disclosure on there as well.

2019 Black Friday banners and links are now available!

Click on the $ in the top menu --> Go to Banners --> Click on the Drop Down Box to "Show Banners for: Black Friday 2019"

Black Friday can lead to amazing things if we just plan ahead!

Check out this post from Jerry Huang last year:

If that's not inspiring, I don't know what is!

Are you taking advantage of Black Friday???!!!

If you have any tips to share from your own experience, please leave them below!

Edit / Addition:

As I continue to work on this mini site, I continue to have more questions, like this:

What on earth do we do with the Black Friday site after Black Friday is over?

I mean, all of the content is specific to the Black Friday sale, right?

Basically, I see two options:

  1. Just leave it
  2. Replace the content

While this is a very specific promotion, with a very limited time frame, it just seems silly to me to let it sit there with an irrelevant message for the other 361 days of the year. (?)

It is possible that people fall upon the site randomly throughout the year, especially if you've shared the links on social media.

I'm curious to know what members have done previously.

Here's my plan: 2 Home Pages.

Once the sale is over, I will swap out my home page content with a second page that has a message along the lines of "Sorry you missed this year's Black Friday sale, but here's how you can take advantage of our current discount," where I will explain the Premier membership payment options - the discount being the annual payment. It will be a normal page with full content and keywords.

It doesn't take much additional effort to create the second page, and, for those of us who are a little OCD, it won't look like an abandoned site until the next year.

The Black Friday Sale is available to ALL MEMBERS!

Just want to mention, for any new members out there, that ALL members are able to take advantage of the Black Friday Deal, even if you've already paid your annual fee. When I took advantage last year, the amount charged was pro-rated. You do not end up paying double for any time. So make sure you're taking them up on the offer!

Please share any thoughts or tips below!


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firstlearn Premium
A great opportunity for all Cris.

cris1018 Premium
I believe so. This will be my first year trying to use it as such. I hope my plan goes to action as intended! I will update my efforts and results later. Hopefully I have good things to share!
Fleeky Premium Plus
Great opportunity indeed
cris1018 Premium
Yes :-) I just hope I can capitalize on it this year! Hopefully my early planning, and project rollout, works!
TimMoto Premium
Word to the wise, from the wise! Good early reminder...time marches on and have to be ready. Thank you Cris. All the best to you.
cris1018 Premium
A whole parliament of owls we WA'ers are :-)
Thanks for your time, Tim! Always appreciate it!
HeidiAnders3 Premium
Thanks for sharing this!! I'm excited to get rolling on content! Never too early!!
cris1018 Premium
Right! Better to be prepared ahead of time, and ready to roll out the marketing efforts, than to chance missing the opportunity!

Be sure to peek at Loes post (link above) - she provides a screenshot to get an idea of what a Home Page could look like. It's helpful to have the visual to get your ideas rolling.

Mine's not published yet, so I don't have a screenshot, but I intend to share mine as well after the site's live. :-)
rubanzema Premium
Thank you for sharing.
cris1018 Premium
You're welcome!