You Know Google SEO and Are Getting Free Traffic What About Viral Marketing

Last Update: June 26, 2014

There are many types of marketing most of which are payed like PPC, PPV, There is One type of marketing That the giants of the internet use that they don't want use to know about. Facebook, Ebay, Amazon, oh hell even WA uses this secret. It is called Viral Marketing and it will give a site exponential growth until you are ultimately the total authority.

I'm talking about FREE TRAFFIC here. All by offering something for free as an incentive to invite others to your site. When they have completed their requirements they get the incentive. I'm not going to outline it for you. I'm just saying if you want to dominate the internet SEO and Viral marketing work together to create a conglomerate business.

Think about what I have said and try a Viral tactic. I see ppl saying whats next ? The world is yours for the taking.



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PhyllisE1 Premium
I'll be glad when I learn what all those things mean. I'm not knowledgeable enough yet to understand all the do's and don'ts of this business but I'm learning. I'll keep moving forward, Thank you Brian.
Karyskis Premium
Thanks Brian. Things that make you go "ummm..."