So I bit the bullet and went premium

Last Update: July 01, 2016

I am happy to say that I decided to go premium. I do enjoy writing (even though my spell checker doesn’t) and so I just wanted to share some of my thoughts on why I decided to go premium.

Words are just that, they are words. They don’t pay bills. Believe me I have tried and the bill collectors had a few words for me as well. They alone do not create financial independence although, they can lead the path and define it, and they do not meet financial goals, short term or long term.

That being said, I have been going through the training looking for the right words. The words that inspire action. It is the direction towards action that I am looking for. I’m not looking for a “do this to make this.” I have that with my current job. I show up for work and I make my paycheck. I’m not looking for handouts. I work, and I work hard for what I earn.

What I AM looking for is a direct correlation between hard work and earnings. Now, I do get this, kind of, with my current job. I work above and beyond my position and I can earn a raise or even possibly a promotion. Unfortunately, with today’s corporate environment these have become almost taboo to speak of and the phrase “Can I get a raise?” is being replaced with “Can I keep my job?”

I am getting a bit long-in-the-tooth to be chasing that corporate dream. I already own my retirement dream home, which my bride and I are currently using as our vacation home. I have reduced my debts to only one, my wonderful truck that works harder on our land then I do (seriously, I can’t carry a truckload of wood from the next town over at 60 mph) and I have the taste of retirement on my lips. Now my vision of retirement is not sipping mai-tai’s on a beach in Hawaii but to relocate away from population to the country where I am surrounded by nature living off of what my two hands produce (and off the food that my bride produces – even if it’s a pizza from the local pizza shop down the road.)

Wealthy Affiliates has definitely provided the words the inspire action. I can see the potential behind this program. There is going to be work, no denying that but, it is focused work that can have direct correlation to the income received. No work, no income. Pretty standard there. A little work can result in a small amount of income. Hard, focused, and driven work can result in larger income. This is what I am looking for. A chance to take my experience and knowledge, build content about that information, and result in an income that will help me achieve my retirement goals.

From the words comes direction. The direction inspires focused action. That action results in meeting the financial goals I have set for myself. Those financial goals allow me to meet the future I desire for my bride and myself.

Thank you for reading my blog and I look forward to meeting you all. Even if it is just saying “Hello” to a picture on the screen.

  • -Scott
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