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As I go through the training, I am following all of the steps. I made a website of a niche that I thought I wanted but had struggles coming up with content. I decided to take a break, slept on it, and while I was in the shower I thought of it. Something that I had experience with because I had been doing it for years and I have a lot of information to share. Creating e-juices. When I started doing keyword searches and digging into more keywords I started gaining more ideas. One of my e-juice di
I am happy to say that I decided to go premium. I do enjoy writing (even though my spell checker doesn’t) and so I just wanted to share some of my thoughts on why I decided to go premium.Words are just that, they are words. They don’t pay bills. Believe me I have tried and the bill collectors had a few words for me as well. They alone do not create financial independence although, they can lead the path and define it, and they do not meet financial goals, short term or long term.Tha