Content for my niche came easier when it was something I was passionate about

Last Update: July 02, 2016

As I go through the training, I am following all of the steps. I made a website of a niche that I thought I wanted but had struggles coming up with content. I decided to take a break, slept on it, and while I was in the shower I thought of it. Something that I had experience with because I had been doing it for years and I have a lot of information to share. Creating e-juices.

When I started doing keyword searches and digging into more keywords I started gaining more ideas. One of my e-juice digs lead me to e-cigarette information. I took this information and ran with it. Researching website information regarding e-juice and e-cigarette information and gathering data to create content for my website.

Before I knew it I had completed 3 pages and I already have ideas for more. I have been writing down ideas as I think of them so I can keep track of them. I have also made place holder pages, but have not put them on the menu yet until I can add content to them.

I have seen a lot of questions revolving around niches and how to choose them. For me, it mostly chose me. When I came upon the idea I knew it was the right one because I already had knowledge of the subject. I am looking forward to creating more content and what next niche I will happen upon next.

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JudeP Premium
Great decision-making and I hope it all goes well for you :)
Maggie40 Premium
ClaudiaHB Premium
I think you hit the nail on the head when you said "It chose me". That is exactly how you know it is the perfect niche for you - congrats!