The Amazing Power Of Choosing The Best Keywords

Last Update: January 17, 2019

Keyword Power

We are taught here at WA how powerful keywords are. After checking this morning I have several posts ranking on Google page 1.

But, when I did a thorough check of the keyword stats (Traffic, QSR etc.,) I admit to being baffled as to why these posts got to page 1 and others which I think should be on page 1, are languishing on page 5 or worse.

Seems to me keyword selection is far from being an exact science.

One thing I've noticed which seems really important in getting your posts to rank higher is to write longer posts. Of course, by writing longer posts you're attempting to beat out your competition. Posts I've written containing 3000 or more words just seem to rank higher more quickly.

So right now I'm working on my current 3000+ word post and I have a choice to make between 2 keywords. Both have a 'Great' KQI.

Keyword 1. - AVE 7364 TRAFFIC 1252 QSR 134

Keyword 2. - AVE 260 TRAFFIC 45 QSR 55

The training tells us to always pick low hanging fruit keywords (QSR around 50-70).

My question is - For Keyword 1, is 134 low enough to be considered low hanging fruit given the high traffic figure I'd gain by using it?

I'll be interested to hear your opinions please.

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MKearns Premium
As ow a QSR as is feasible Anne!
Crazyhaggis Premium
OK thanks Mike
Cav1966 Premium
Good job on rankings and on post word count.
I would teally try to aim for 35 or under when it comes to low hanging fruit though ..yes the traffic looks impressive but you will have better luck in the long run with low qsr .
Crazyhaggis Premium
OK thanks for the insight
Swangirl Premium
No. I would not consider that "low hanging fruit" but it is still doable. In fact I rarely use any keyword with even 50 QSR even if there are hundreds or thousands of searches for that term.

Most of my keywords have only 25 or less QSR. Many have 10 or less and they have hundreds of searches.

I try to be very picky with keyword selection and it pays off.

If it is a keyword that you really want to use you still can but it might take a little longer to rank.
Crazyhaggis Premium
Thanks for your insight.
Swangirl Premium
You are doing great though!