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Last Update: January 15, 2019

Conflicting Information

So I've been starting to seriously monetize my site using Amazon products. I've written a number of posts and got them looking good by downloading images of products that I'm promoting from the Amazon product page, then uploading them to my posts.

I stumbled upon information on the internet that says you can't do this...... OOPS! That it's in contravention of Amazon's terms and conditions.......OOPS again! And the only way to add images from Amazon is via their Site Stripe 'Image' button.

I then started searching the net and found all sorts of conflicting information about adding images. Some people say it's OK to do it the way I have, other information says you can't.

To be safe, I'd like to go back and edit all of the images in my posts (nightmare)!!!!

So I wrote another post using Site Content and added the (crappy) images using Amazon Site Stripe 'image' button, and it worked OK. Apart from being unhappy with the choice, size and quality of the photos that is.

I then went in to WP to edit all of my existing posts with Amazon product. When I click on the Site Stripe 'image' button and copy / paste the image link to the required position in my site I only get a bunch of code. How do I change this bunch of code into the image?

It seems in the updated Classic WP there is no 'text' and 'visual' button as there was in the old version, where you click on 'visual' and it magically changes the code and your photo appears.

Can anyone help with this as I've a bunch of changes I now have to make....... argghhhh!

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Labman Premium Plus
First things first. Then, you will probably do better with the classic Editor Plugin for WordPress (This gets rid of the new editor)
Crazyhaggis Premium
Thanks very much for your help Craig, it's all working as it should.

Now to start the laborious job of changing all my images.... cup of coffee first I think!