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Seriously...... I Feel Like A TortoiseGetting traffic from Google is definitely not a sprint. I'm at just over one year with my website. Doing all the right things re SEO'ing the bejayzus out of each and every post, however, organic traffic is still inching along at a slow pace. It IS improving month on month but boy it's slow and more boring than watching paint dry. I'm in a health/medical niche and can only assume the Google update last year has contributed to how slowly it is assigning traff
So Here's The DealTwo days ago my phone pinged with a routine text message from my bank letting me know about a purchase charged to my credit card. It was a charge for a Facebook ad. I thought it strange as I have never posted an ad on FB. I recently stopped boosting articles on FB too. I thought it must be a mistake, as it's happened before with the bank. The reason I stopped boosting articles is that FB has such strict rules and often my boosts would be disapproved. I write about health issue
Phew What A Year!Where has the year gone? It's been one year today since I published the first post on my website and it seems like yesterday. I don't blog much here, however I hope newer members will get some useful takeaways from this birthday blog. In terms of making money, I'm nowhere near where I want to be, a very small trickle of money has just started. However, during this huge learning curve first year, I've built a solid base for a business and feel like I've achieved so much. I'm No
I Was So Happy Site Comments Seems To Be Back On TrackI happily started requesting comments this morning and received many great ones. Then I went into my WP dashboard and noticed the red button showing I had another comment. Curious because I thought I'd answered them all, imagine my surprise when I saw a very abusive message left on my site because I had disapproved a comment from a WA member. The commenter was pretty unhappy bacause I had ruined his 'perfect acceptance' score by disapproving
We've Won - The Scammers Are Gone!After bitching, whinging and moaning for several weeks about the scammers who had recently taken over our Site Comments, I thought I should let you know the issue seems to have been resolved. I got on Site Comments this morning to request comments and immediately logged in to GA to see if as usual I'd see several circles hovering over the area of Lagos Nigeria, indicating the scammers were reading the posts I had requested comments on. I was all prepared with
After doing my keyword research for a new blog post I checked out the competition in Search Analysis in Jaaxy to see which other posts I'd need to compete with to have any chance of getting on Google's first page for my selected keyword. The post in position #1 consists of 7,000 words...... WOW! Looks like I'll have to type my fingers off to create a longer than usual post if I want any chance of being able to compete. Checking the other Google page 1 posts, none were this lengthy, consisting
It’s been 11 months since I joined WA and while I’ve learned a huge amount and started to make the first tiny sum from my niche site I felt I needed to take a break from learning and writing.I’ve spent the last couple of weeks analyzing the posts on my site to review which ones are working and why. Also which are not working and why.I’m not a spreadsheet queen by any means, however I used to be a retail buyer so I get a kick out of the analysis of what’s working, w
First Step - Creating My Email Opt In FormThis week I've spent hours creating my freebie guide on Canva to use on my email opt in form. It's only the first step in the whole process and has already taken me ages to do the research and finally make the freebie. I'm pretty happy with how it's turned out SO FAR. I've saved it as a PDF file, and now I need to do some editing of the file and add hyperlinks to it. I'd rather not pay for Adobe and would prefer to use a free editor to add the hyperlink
Keyword PowerWe are taught here at WA how powerful keywords are. After checking this morning I have several posts ranking on Google page 1. But, when I did a thorough check of the keyword stats (Traffic, QSR etc.,) I admit to being baffled as to why these posts got to page 1 and others which I think should be on page 1, are languishing on page 5 or worse. Seems to me keyword selection is far from being an exact science. One thing I've noticed which seems really important in getting your posts
January 15, 2019
Conflicting InformationSo I've been starting to seriously monetize my site using Amazon products. I've written a number of posts and got them looking good by downloading images of products that I'm promoting from the Amazon product page, then uploading them to my posts.I stumbled upon information on the internet that says you can't do this...... OOPS! That it's in contravention of Amazon's terms and conditions.......OOPS again! And the only way to add images from Amazon is via their Site Stripe