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July 01, 2018
We just came back from vacation and I am not feeling too happy.That's a fairly normal reaction, I think. Often, people will go away for a week or two and when they come home, they may feel a bit let-down as they return to 'real life". That's not really what it is in my case, though.I was a bit hesitant to go away. Certainly, I was looking forward to spending some time with my family; we haven't had a vacation together in about 2 years. My younger son, in particular, has been asking my almost ev
4K followers!That's pretty awesome. I know that they aren't all active here anymore, but still... I also know that it isn't really any great accomplishment on my part. Hanging around here long enough will get you followers. Still, it's kind of neat.And yes, I am also using this as an excuse to check out the new blog editor, which is looking pretty good!I'm trying to get back into the swing of posting again after some time off, so this is pretty good timing. It gives me a little extra incentive.
March 04, 2018
I've noticed that some of my fellow Go-Getters have been posting updates on their results since working with Bo Tipton, and I figured that I should probably do the same.I haven't posted here for a while-- for various reasons-- and so I'd beter start getting back on top of things. And as a side note, I appreciate the fact that several people wrote to me to ask why I wasn't posting and if everything was ok. Several people commented that they missed seeing my posts, and I am very grateful that you
February 02, 2018
Well, not really, but something cool happened.I have mentioned in the past how I am now doing paid writing for a couple of different sites. The guy who hired me deals with an SEO company that provides him with keywords that they think I should use in the assignments I am given.I wrote the other day that this company seems to have a different view of what works well in SEO than we are taught here. I made a few comments about this, but was ultimately told to just do what they wanted, which is fai
I have been wondering about this a little bit lately, as it has come up more than once.Everyone has an opininon, and that is perfectly fine, but there are some things that I think of as fact, not opinion. For the most part, I think SEO should be one of them.When I started here, I really knew nothing about SEO at all, and I was a bit concerned about my ability to learn it because it seemd that different people had different view on what was effective. I resolved myself to simpl yfollow what is p
So, I am reading the book Crushing It by Edmund Loh.If you are not familiar with him, he is an internet marketer who is considered one of the top internet entrepreneurs in Asian. This book is the first one I have read on IM (almost everything else I have read has been here) and like many great stories of people who have gone on to become millionaires, it starts with him being in a financially desperate situation, struggling just to get by.I'm not sure if I agree with everything he says-- he thi
When I first started here at Wealthy Affiliate, I was... a bit slow.Like some people, it took a bit of work to get used to keywords. In fact, i figure that I am still learning and will continue to learn for some time.Or at least I hope I will....That said, I think I am generally pretty good in using them well in titles and in text, but I often overlooked meta titles and descriptions.I never used to pay much attention when people would talk about meta-this and meta-that. I figured I was doing ok
January 13, 2018
As my workload steadily increases, I am looking for ways to better utilize my time. I have found myself giving up a number of the things that I used to enjoy in order to squeeze in the things that need to be done. As I continue to fine-tune my schedule, I find myself wondering what other people do each day. As I have mentioned previously, I like to be pretty structured to make sure that I don't forget anything. Now, however, remembering things is less of an issue than deciding which things I wa
When I first came to Wealthy Affiliate, I was excited at the prospect of being able to make a living through writing. That is something that I have wanted to do as far back as I can remember., so to imagine that I could start up a website, fill it with things that I had written, and profit from it? Well, that was too good to be true!Well, yeah, it kind of was....Bringing People to Your ContentSo, while "content is king", that doesn't really matter if no one sees it. What good is a king when th
I love to write. I always have.As far back as I can remember, I used to sit and write stories, while my friends went out to play or watched TV. I don't mind writing short articles, or long ones, and I like to think that I am reasonable proficient at it. But what I don't always take into account, especially when just writing for pleasure, but also when working on my blog or my site, is that writing should be more than words.I don't mean add a bunch of images, though obviously, if we are talking