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December 24, 2014
Just wanted to wish a Merry Christmas and a safe holiday to all people involved with WA, and may dreams become a reality in 2015. It has a up and down year for me and hopefully 2015 will be much better. I'm so grateful to be part of a wonderful community, and will continue to be in 2015 and beyond. I appreciate all the comments and help I have received threw out the year, and can't wait to see what the new year will bring. Let's make 2015 our year to shine and have continued success, in wh
August 24, 2014
Hey guys just wanted to blog about something I recently found to inspire me to get motivated. Recently I just done a stint in hospital with my illness, and I was really struggling to get motivated again. Being exhausted and run down wasn't really helping either. I thought I would lie down one day and put some of my favourite tunes on. It really made a difference and of course made me feel great, listening to some old favourites too. The moral of this story is if your lacking in motivation
Lately I have been struggling a bit to stay consistent with my blog, due to sleeping difficulties and my (CRPS). Very hard to concentrate when your sleep is broken. Everything starts to overwhelm you I guess, so I had to step back a bit and evaluate what tasks are important. Planning my day, was going to be one of my strategies to get things done. Taking breaks when required and a little meditation and breathing exercises help, as well as spending quality time with the family. I won't lie t
Hey guys thought I try my luck at ezine articles and see if I could get one published. I have been with ezine articles for a few years now, but never really got any real benefit out it to be truthful. I studied the training here at wealthy affiliate and now I feel more confident of getting some traffic out of my articles. Back years ago I didn't really have anywhere to turn, to make the most out of my articles, WA has great training for ezine articles, and I would recommend it to anyone. Here i
I have been noticing some of the Wealthy Affiliate Marketing Beginners have been straying from the training. This could lead to frustration and take your focus off what tasks need to be done. If you jumping ahead of the training and getting stuck, you're likely going to be wasting your time with questions that are already explained in the training. Stay on track and it will all unfold for you, more importantly don't think of this as a get rich quick program. Here's a small guide to stick b
Feeling pretty good right now, gone through the training classes and I must say absolutely brilliant. Kyle and Carson have done a fantastic job here at WA and I commend them on their efforts. It just goes to show what can be achieved when you put your mind to it. I can honestly say without a doubt this has been the most enjoyable training I have done. It really keeps you focused on your tasks and the help from the community here Fan "bloody" tastic. Anyone starting out online would be silly n
Well I'm almost 2 months in at WA, and it's fair to say I have learnt a lot of things that have helped immensely. It's great that you can learn about online marketing, building websites among other things, all in the one place. It's pretty frustrating when you have to go to half a dozen sites just to get the right information. It's good to know that you can stay in the one place and learn till you hearts content. I think that is a big confidence booster, and you can basically keep moving forwa
Hey guys the subject line says it all yes. We can all get stuck in that phase when working on our blogs or websites, trust me taking a break from it and doing something fun or relaxing your mind can refresh the mind and soul. I call it blogger logging, we all want to get our websites to a point where we are giving people value and getting traffic to our sites. Don't get into a rhythm where you are just focusing on your business and missing the fun things in life. Maybe you can spend some quali
You never no what you're going to get! It's amazing how doing things you like can have a impact on your life for the better. Before joining WA I was diagnosed with CRPS (Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome) and still have this to date. And the short time I've been at Wa, my pain levels have starting coming done..yah. The only thing I can put it down to is connecting with positive people and helping people just makes me feel good inside I suppose. I'm really enjoying my time her
March 19, 2014
Me and my Homies at WA, yo..yo Learning and earning the proper way Building our businesses for success To become independent and free from stress Just livin the dream, in every way Help is around the corner before you stray Kyle and Carson have set the stage Now it's up to you, to turn that page Don't become discouraged and lose your way Follow the steps and it's sure to pay Be part of this family at WA Because we're going to take you all the way..yeah