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Last Update: December 30, 2017

I think we all would love to have all of our wishes come true. The reality of wishes though usually always requires effort on our part. Sometimes a little and sometimes a lot. The moral to the story is that in order to have or discover greatness you have to understand that it is almost impossible to achieve this without help from other sources. Here at WA I have found that it is like a well of knowledge and all you have to do is drop the bucket into the well to draw it out. Of course there is a second moral to the story and that is I have found that here at WA everyone is always willing to help with any problem you may encounter. So that means any questions you ask is like dropping your bucket into the well. So let's all start the new year out with style and drop our buckets and make it a great 2018 ! I would like to offer my personal thanks to the ENTIRE community for your willingness to help everyone when they need it. I hope Bo Tipton does'nt mind me using his well post from awhile back and going a little further with it after all he was the one who started it. Happy New Year to everyone. Michael Cox.

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MKearns Premium
More also a sharing of the educational lamp Michael!
DEversley Premium
Thanks, Michael.
That's the mark of a great community spirit.

I hope that the new year finds you drawing much success from the well. May it be manifested as wealth and satisfaction for you and yours.

Happy New Year!